Dyson announces details of worlds most bizarre headphones

Dyson announces details of world’s most bizarre headphones

You use headphones for listening to music, of course. The Dyson Zone promises even more, including this bizarre feature.

When Dyson announced a new set of headphones in the spring, we shot into laughter. Not only because the brand only makes vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and hair products, but also because of the bizarre design. It seemed to be an April 1 joke, but nothing could be further from the truth.

This is the Dyson Zone: the world’s most bizarre headphones

Indeed, Dyson has now announced the specifications of the Dyson Zone. The company promises a combination of an immersive listening experience and air purification at the same time. Yes, you read it right. You listen to music and meanwhile the air you breathe is purified.

All right, enough laughing. Let’s talk about the audio qualities. The headphones have a 50-hour battery life and offer ultra-low distortion, advanced noise cancellation and faithful full-spectrum audio reproduction.

That means the Dyson Zone goes beyond to reproduce 6Hz to 21kHz audio. Of the 11 microphones in the gadget, eight are used to reduce city noise to 38 dB. The EQ setting should ensure clear sound.

Dyson Zone headphonesIn the zone. (Image: Dyson)

Pure air

The Dyson Zone can be very good, of course, but the really special thing is found on the front. There this a kind of electric mouth mask attached to it. Thus the air is purified especially for you. Useful in the polluted city or if there is another pandemic.

Dyson claims the special headphones can purify 99 percent of the air. Even particles as small as 0.1 micron2 are no problem. In turn, the K-Carbon, potassium-enriched carbon filters target acidic gases such as N02 and SO2.

In addition, Dyson’s headphones should also be very comfortable. If you don’t feel like clean air for a while, the mouth mask can simply be taken off. The cushions at the ears are specially made flatter for more cushioning and comfort.

Price and availability of the Dyson Zone

Unfortunately, it is still unknown exactly when we can expect the Dyson Zone headphones, but it probably won’t be until mid-2023. The price is expected to start around 870 euros.

The big question, of course, is whether you really want to cross the street with these. It is of course incredibly nice that the air is purified, only you look a bit like a combination of Hannibal Lecter and Darth Vader. If that doesn’t bother you at all, then it is a perfect gadget.

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