In 1982 this game was too difficult Atari gives you

In 1982 this game was too difficult, Atari gives you a second try

1982 was still among the pioneering years of gaming. Atari wanted to release Akka Arrh, but the game was cancelled because it was too difficult. Now the game is getting a new lease on life.

You actually have two types of gamers: the first is those who play a game for the story and let themselves get carried away by the creativity of the creators. The other group is looking for real challenge and prefer to play mode on mode frustration, or the most difficult game possible. For the latter group, Atari now has a fun challenge.

This is Atari’s Akka Arrh

Atari is one of the most legendary brands when it comes to games. The American game developer is the creator of Pong and Breakout. The brand also made consoles and arcade cabinets. One game was skipped by the brand because it was too difficult, but this one is getting a remake after 40 years.

The name of the game is Akka Arrh, so it probably doesn’t tell you anything because it was cancelled. It is a so-called wave shooter, which means you have to shoot opponents in waves.

In Akka Arrh, the player is in the middle of the screen. From all sides enemies come at you that you have to shoot. You can compare it to the classic Astroids game from Atari. That was also playable on the various arcade cabinets in the 1980s.

The rare game gets a new chance

Akka Arrh has legendary status. Only three arcade cabinets are known to play the game. The game gained real notoriety in 2019 when a ROM was leaked that featured the game.

Akkah Arrh was developed by legendary developer Jeff Minter. The remake is coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series S and X, Nintendo Switch and the Atari VCS in early 2023.

So now the game is back. Although Akka Arrh is still difficult, it is more manageable. That’s because Atari has built in saves into the remake. So you can save the game in between. In addition, there are two modes and 50 levels. It is also possible to adjust the image settings so that the bright colors are just a little less intense.

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