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Google Maps comes with special feature for iPhone 15

The regular iPhone 15, like the 14 Pro and Pro Max, will likely get Dynamic Island. Google is coming up with a special feature for this Apple feature.

Although Apple has its own Maps app, most people with iPhones still use Google Maps. Of course, the big G would like to keep it that way, and so it is coming up with a new feature specifically for the iPhone 15 and 14 Pro.

Google Maps with a handy addition for the iPhone 15

Although Apple has almost literally hit the ground running with Maps in recent years, Google Maps really remains a bit better. The app is clear and has many more features. Now an additional feature is being added for the iPhone 15, because of Dynamic Island.

MacRumors has scrutinized the code of the new version of Google Maps and discovered a special secret there. It shows that the developer is in the process of adding a new feature.

This new feature has everything to do with live activities you undertake, such as following a route you pre-set in Google Maps. Even if the screen is locked, it can still display information via Dynamic Island.

How it works

Soon you will see on the Dynamic Island of your iPhone 15 the direction to follow or just the estimated time of arrival. Very handy if you use Google Maps.

Google Maps iPhone 14 ProGoogle Maps on iPhone 14 Pro (Image: Google)

It is not surprising that Google is working on this new feature just now, since rumors suggest that all iPhones will have Dynamic Island. At first, Apple did not allow other app developers to use this feature, but that has changed since February of this year.

Exactly when we can expect the feature to become available on the iPhone 15 is still unknown. In February, Google indicated that it needed a few months for the Maps feature. Perhaps the release of iOS 17 is the ideal time to impress.

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