Google uses Drake to once again lash out at Apples

Google uses Drake to once again lash out at Apple’s iMessage

It’s high at Google. The American company continues to find it unfair that Apple’s iMessage does not support RCS. Time to express the dissatisfaction, once again, via social media.

Android’s Twitter account features a video in which it uses Drake’s new song to lash out at Apple.

Google uses Drake for lashing out

When it comes to aiming its arrows at Apple, Google is anything but a stranger. The most recent video on its Android channel is certainly not the first. Earlier this year, the company also lashed out at Apple and its green speech bubbles. Google’s problem is that Apple doesn’t allow you to send messages via RCS. If you send the messages to another iPhone they become blue, but to an Android phone they become green. And those green messages are sent via the older SMS standard.

American rapper Drake recently released a song called Text Go Green. A perfect opportunity for Google, they think, to refer to the problem they have with Apple. A video surfaced on Twitter that Google itself calls the “unofficial text explanation” of the song. The video focuses on what exactly a green balloon is and how Apple can fix it.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

#TextsGoGreen hit us different, that’s why we had to drop this unofficial lyric explainer video #GetTheMessage 💚😏

– Android (@Android) June 18, 2022


What is RCS?

RCS is an abbreviation for Rich Communications Services and is considered the successor to SMS. The standard is richer in functionalities and, for example, makes sharing media with high image quality easier.

Why doesn’t Apple do it?

By the way, what Google says is true. Apple could very easily make the switch to RCS and, through that, make iMessage available to Android users as well, for example. The team behind iOS practically only needs to flip a switch, but it simply doesn’t.

The reason behind that is also actually heartbreakingly simple. iMessage is, especially for young users in the United States, the way to stay in touch. Where we are mostly tied to services like WhatsApp, consumers there just use the service they are given. As a result, many Android users fall by the wayside and soon switch to an iPhone.

Although iMessage was never intended as a marketing tool, for young users it serves as the number one reason to buy Apple’s smartphone. Something that people at Google don’t like at all. That’s why they’re eager for Apple to flip the switch and make iMessage available for Android as well. Although Apple, quite logically, seems to show little interest in doing so.

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