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How emojis make Google Maps much better

Google Maps makes it easy to keep a record of places that are important to you or locations you like to visit. Chances are, after a while, the map will be filled with blue markers. Fortunately, there are also emojis available, which make the app a lot clearer.

Google Maps not only shows you the way from A to B, but also keeps track for you of the places you’ve visited. If you’ve found a location you want to revisit later, you can add it to a list. Linking an emoji to the lists makes it easy to keep track and brightens up the map at the same time.

Emojis in Google Maps

Whether you travel around the world or stay close to home, using emojis in Google Maps shows you at a glance where which important locations can be found. The standard blue markers don’t clearly tell you where that one restaurant is that you want to visit again. Emojis make that insightful.

Starting in September, it will be possible to add emojis to your favorite locations in Google Maps. The feature works on both iOS and Android devices. So you can find the local supermarket near your vacation spot in no time! And the same goes for that one little cafe you want to recommend to your friends.

How to personalize location icons in the app

Setting up emojis is simple. Open the Google Maps app and navigate to Saved. Then tap New List and choose an icon. There are an awful lot of emojis to choose from, so you can always find one that fits your list. For convenience, also give the list a name and description, and then tap Save.

Set emojis on Google Maps on AndroidA better overview of your favorite spots. (Image: Sabine Schults)

Once created, you can easily add locations to the list. All locations in the list will automatically show you the set emoji when you use the Google Maps app. Do this for different types of locations and you will get a clear overview of your favorite burger joints, stores and other important places from now on.

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