1708786340 How to get more out of Apple CarPlay in 2024

How to get more out of Apple CarPlay in 2024 with some pro tips

Apple CarPlay is a great addition when you’re out and about in your car because it pairs your iPhone with your car. Still, you can do just a little better with these pro tips.

These days, more and more cars are supporting Apple CarPlay. It allows you to safely use your iPhone’s functions while driving. For example, navigation, making calls or starting your favorite playlist.

If you use Apple CarPlay, we probably don’t need to explain those functions to you. They simply start up as soon as your iPhone is connected to your car.

Ideal features for Apple CarPlay

Still, there are some features you may have forgotten about, or didn’t quite know existed. I list them for you.

Use SharePlay in Apple Music

Apple launched iOS 17 last year, and one of the new features was SharePlay for Apple CarPlay.

This allows you to create a playlist together in Apple Music. Your co-driver just needs to scan the QR code and with it can add songs to the list.

Tips for Apple CarPlayCheering on the road! (Image: Unsplash)

That person does not even need to have an Apple Music subscription. They do, however, need to download the app.

Pimp your CarPlay

Since Xzibit converted cars in the zeroes in the wildest ways, we know how far you can go with the decoration of your steel steed. It’s also just possible to customize Apple CarPlay, although not everything can be changed.

However, you can give the system its own look by choosing a different background. To do this, go to settings in Apple CarPlay. There, choose background and find one that suits you.

Customize your Apple CarPlay apps.

We continue for a moment with customizing Apple CarPlay, but this time the apps themselves. You can very simply add and remove apps from the system. You can do that simply through your iPhone. You go to Settings > General > CarPlay.

Aston Martin and Porsche show off new version of Apple CarPlayThe Porsche version of Apple CarPlay. (Image: Porsche/Apple)

In addition, those settings also let you change the order of your Apple CarPlay apps. Perhaps you want to see Google Maps in your car before Apple Music, for example.

Taking screenshots of Apple CarPlay

Perhaps after pimping Apple CarPlay, you are so proud that you want to share the result with everyone. Just like with your iPhone, it is also just possible to take a screenshot.

You take that screenshot using your iPhone. Pair it with your car and press the top volume button and the snooze button at the same time.

Never forget your parking spot again

When you are in another city, it is very simple to forget where you parked your car. With Apple CarPlay, you never have to worry about this happening to you again.


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Every time you disconnect Apple CarPlay, the system places a marker on Apple Maps and Google Maps. So all you have to do is open your iPhone and you can walk right to your car.

Sharing your location with friends and family

Not at your destination yet? Then you can very easily share your location with friends and family. This way they know exactly what time you will arrive. Ideal if you are going to a café or restaurant, so they can already order something for you.

Sharing your location through Apple CarPlay is very simple. In Google Maps or Apple Maps, the option appears at the bottom of your screen. Then Apple gives you suggestions of contacts with whom you might want to share it. This feature works with several apps such as WhatsApp or iMessage.

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