Oops Sonos accidentally sends consumer a truckload of speakers

Oops: Sonos accidentally sends consumer a truckload of speakers

Sonos’ speakers are popular and enjoyable, but we wouldn’t order a truckload of them. Neither did this American consumer, by the way, but he got it. Oops!

American website The Verge was made aware of the unusual story and finds out a bad fact: this is something that happens to customers more often. Sorry?

$15,000 worth of Sonos speakers on your doorstep

It will just happen to you. You order the Sonos turntable, Arc soundbar, the Arc Wall Mount, a speaker and the Roam. You wait nicely for your order to arrive and suddenly get a giant truck full of stuff delivered. What turns out? Sonos has given you not one, but six times each item you ordered. Thirty different boxes worth $15,000 on your doorstep.

It happened to several customers who ordered from Sonos. One American customer, who prefers to remain anonymous, tells the story to American website The Verge. He says the surprise was anything but pleasant, because he also received a bill for the extra items he did not order. However, thanks to a discount code, the man “only” had to pay $6000 extra.

SonosOops! (Image: The Verge)

Several customers can be found on Reddit who have had a similar experience. It seems to be a glitch in the ordering system that Sonos, by its own admission, is looking to fix. Despite the fact that the customers in question do receive a bill, the company is making sure they get their money back nicely. A spokesperson for the company let us know. The money will be refunded within ten days, even if the products have not yet been returned.

Take it to a UPS point yourself

Despite the fact that the fault lies with Sonos itself, and the money will be returned, the customer in question did have to arrange the return of the products himself. For example, he was initially told that he would have to print out the labels himself and take the boxes to a UPS point. When he refused, Sonos decided to do things differently and send a courier to his home. The courier didn’t expect thirty boxes, so he only took one.

So a truck full of Sonos speakers may sound like a party, but practice shows that it is anything but.

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