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Philips Hue comes out with new products for your smart home

Philips Hue, of course, we know mostly for its smart lighting. Sometime in the next few weeks it is coming out with a completely new product that will make your home even smarter.

Anyone who says Philips Hue immediately thinks of bulbs. The company has them in all shapes and sizes. There are also rumors of a security camera. Soon, another product will also be released.


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A security camera from Philips Hue

At the end of the month is the IFA. One of the biggest tech fairs in the world where many big brands are present. In addition, even companies without a booth often present new products around that time. According to Hueblog, Signify is also coming out with some new products.

The first rumor is about a Philips Hue security camera. Not a crazy thought, since Wiz already has one. This company, like Hue, falls under Signify.

Philips Hue believes that light is a better way to scare people away than with sound. Possibly lights will flash when someone enters unauthorized. Prices for these cameras will range between €199.95 and €349.95.

Another new product

But besides the security camera, there will be another new Philips Hue product, according to the same website. One that works well with both the lamps and the security cameras. It is launching the Contact Sensor.

Philips Hue comes out with new products for your smart homePerhaps your garden lights can flash when the alarm goes off. (Image: Signify)

Such a sensor is not new, as several brands already have one on the market. However, these cannot be connected to the Philips Hue Bridge. Of course, Philips’ copy should be able to do that.

This sensor consists of two sections that you stick near a window or doorway. As soon as someone unauthorized opens it, the system sees it. Of course, you can use it to have instant light when you enter your home, but it can also notify the alarm. This allows lights to flash brightly when thieves are around, making it noticeable to the entire neighborhood.

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