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Samsung has a pleasant free surprise for you (but…)

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy phone? Then you will soon get the new “save and transfer” feature. This allows you to create a temporary backup that is completely free, but there is a small drawback.

This is because Samsung is giving its users the option to create a temporary backup of data. In total, it remains active for 30 days. It is ideal if, for example, you install a new software version on your phone. Should something go wrong with that, you can always go back to the earlier version. In this regard, the thirty days seems well chosen, because during that time you can easily notice whether the software works or not.

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Samsung gives you a free backup

In addition, the feature is especially ideal if you need to have your phone repaired sometime. So in this, users don’t have to worry about losing important data. Or what about when the phone is stolen. This way you still have all the data when you buy a new phone.


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After those 30 days, your data will be deleted again. Seven days before the time comes, you will receive a notification from the company. This backup stores things like photos, videos and audio in addition to all the necessary files. So you really don’t have to worry about losing anything.

By the way, it is also just possible to use Samsung’s cloud storage for files. For this, however, you have a limit of 15 GB.

Still waiting

As mentioned, there is no limit on the free feature. Still, individual files may not exceed 100 GB. This in itself is not a stumbling block on a cell phone. Also, the phone must be connected to wifi to perform the backup. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy phone must at least run on One UI 6, which, by the way, has yet to be launched.

Samsung Galaxy owners get pleasant surpriseThe S22. (Image: Samsung)

First up will be Samsung Galaxy S and Z devices in Korea. After that, the feature should be rolled out worldwide. When exactly is unfortunately still unknown, but it should happen sometime this fall.

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