1705499809 Tesla Model Y is now even cheaper in the Netherlands

Tesla Model Y is now even cheaper in the Netherlands

Looking to buy a new electric car soon? Then the Tesla Model Y might be an interesting option. The automaker is lowering the price of the car.

There is a striking trend going on in the automotive world. While everything around us seems to be getting more expensive due to inflation, the opposite is happening with the electric car. Several brands are lowering their prices, including Tesla.

That price cut means you’ll pay less for the Tesla Model Y. We’ll tell you exactly how.

A cheaper Tesla Model Y

So electric cars are getting cheaper, but with Tesla it is extra special. Back in November, it lowered the price of the Tesla Model Y, and now another cut is coming.

Last November, the entry-level Tesla Model Y cost you 45,993 euros. Now the automaker is discounting 2,000 euros on top of that, bringing the price to 43,993 euros. But on electric cars you also get an additional subsidy from the Dutch government, at least if they fall under the SEPP scheme. This EV does and so that brings you to 41,043 euros.

Tesla already lowers the price of this electric car again (Image: Tesla)

More electric cars cheaper

But that’s not the only Tesla Model Y getting cheaper. The brand’s more expensive models are also being reduced in price. For example, the Long Range used to cost you 54,993 euros, but is now 50,993 euros.

The same discount also applies to the Tesla Model Y Performance. It used to be 60,993 euros, but is now 56,993 euros.

Of course there are differences between the three variants of the Tesla Model Y. The standard version has a range of 455 kilometers, while the Long Range has 533 kilometers and the Performance 514 kilometers. The latter, in turn, has more power than the previous models.

The trend is for electric cars to become cheaper. This is due to several factors, but the main one is that manufacturing processes are getting better and better, as makers get more and more experience. This allows an EV to be made cheaper and that can be reflected in the price.

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