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This inexpensive way to convert a gasoline tank into an electric car

The price of the electric car has always been a stumbling block for many potential buyers. But what if you don’t need to buy an EV at all? Thanks to a nifty invention, you can now convert your gasoline tank into an electric car.

That gives you some fine benefits. For example, you’ll spend less money at the pump. You also help the environment by emitting fewer greenhouse gases. All with the help of a handy kit.

Turn your vehicle into an electric car with this kit

With a purchase price of $3,100 (2,932 euros), the EV kit may seem expensive. But it’s actually a great deal because it’s much cheaper than other conversion kits. And, of course, it’s even more of a bargain when compared to the purchase price of “regular” electric cars.

Australian student Alexander Burton designed the new kit. He was looking for a way to make old gasoline-powered vehicles more environmentally friendly, without too many modifications to the vehicle. Therefore, this conversion kit is not intended to completely replace the internal combustion engine, but more to electrically support gasoline-powered vehicles.

To be used on all cars

The low-cost EV kit, called REVR, adds additional motors to the rear wheels of a gasoline-powered car. These motors run on a battery and are controlled by a system located in the spare wheel well. When you use the gas pedal, the system sends information to the electric motors. Just like hybrid cars do. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of an electric car without changing anything about your car’s engine.

According to Burton, almost all vehicles can be converted to electric cars without any problems. The low-cost system should even work with larger SUVs. The EV kit probably won’t let you drive as far as other electric cars. It has about 100 kilometers of electric range before switching to the internal combustion engine. Still, the REVR can save you a lot of money and it helps you drive less polluting.

When we can order the EV kit we don’t know yet. Alexander Burton is still hard at work on production. He hopes to convert more than one million vehicles to EVs in the future.

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