1697544818 WhatsApp comes with Passkeys for Android but how does it

WhatsApp comes with Passkeys for Android, but how does it work?

WhatsApp users with Android can now officially forget the password. Logging in with facial recognition or a fingerprint is now possible, which is more interesting than you might think.

This all has to do with Passkeys: a new solution for Android and iPhone devices, among others, that should make the password obsolete in the future. WhatsApp is now giving us a clear picture of what that future might look like.


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WhatsApp for Android gets Passkeys support

After lingering in WhatsApp’s beta channel for a while, Passkeys are now officially being rolled out. Android users will soon be able to replace their two-factor authentication via SMS with this functionality.

This will allow you to authenticate via facial recognition, the fingerprint scanner or your Android smartphone’s PIN. So announced Meta, the company behind WhatsApp, on X.

Android users can start using Passkeys in the coming weeks and months. When Meta will roll out the functionality for iPhone (iOS) users as well is not yet known.

A future with Passkeys

If all goes according to plan, Passkeys is going to replace the traditional password. That way, in addition to WhatsApp, you can use your face or fingerprint to log into Gmail, iCloud or any other supported application.

Twitter won’t load because you didn’t give permission.

Android users can easily and securely log back in with passkeys 🔑 only your face, finger print, or pin unlocks your WhatsApp account pic.twitter.com/In3OaWKqhy

– WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) October 16, 2023

The future looks bright because Passkeys is supported on multiple platforms. So it is not only available on Android, but also on your iPhone (and other Apple products) and PC.

The feature is based on WebAuth (better known as Web Authentication) which consists of two different keys that are generated as soon as you create a Passkey. The first key is stored with the website or app, and the second is a private key that is confirmed with your identity.


What if my Android breaks down or is lost?

Passkeys work on multiple devices, so a backup will always be available. Many services also offer the option to re-authenticate yourself with your phone number or email address. However, this is not always necessary, as password managers from both Apple and Google also support this functionality. However, third-party vaults, such as 1Password, also offer support.

It will take some getting used to for most, but with WhatsApp joining the ranks of applications that support the new feature, there are at least 2 billion people who can get acquainted with it.

A step in the right direction, if you ask us.

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