1678337955 Successor Nintendo Switch proves nightmare for older games

Is this the long-awaited first look at the new Nintendo Switch?

Very long we may have to wait for the new Nintendo Switch, but we haven’t had a real first look yet. A patent from the Japanese company seems to change that somewhat.

We love the Nintendo Switch. The handheld allows us to play franchises like Super Mario and Zelda not only on the television, but also on the go. So that we are excited about an upcoming successor should be obvious.

A first look at the new Nintendo Switch

There doesn’t seem to be much surprising about the appearance of the next Nintendo Switch. The same concept around a hybrid console is being applied. So that means a large screen in the middle, buttons on the side and the ability to pair it with a television.

Remarkably, this time the Joy-Cons seem to be attached to the handheld itself, as was the case with the Nintendo Switch Lite. An interesting choice, considering the original model suffered from drift.

Nintendo Switch 2 patent (Image: Nintendo/Gamerant)

The touchscreen is also slightly different from that of the regular Nintendo Switch. According to the patent, the new model can detect how hard you press. That seems necessary, too, since there are only six buttons on the front of the console. Fewer than there are now.

Whereas the left and right triggers are just in the familiar spots, the console’s home button has been moved to the bottom. Something that, with the fewer number of buttons, contributes to a minimalist look.

Successors don’t always ensure success

To match the success of the Nintendo Switch, a successor must really come from good stock. Especially since Nintendo usually chops with the same axe. For example, the Nintendo 64 was magisterial, but the Game Cube was not the successor that was hoped for. Later, the Wii U took that position after the success of the Wii.

Nintendo WiiOne of the true classics (Image: Nintendo)

So it is obvious that Nintendo does not want to take much risk for the Switch. A patent the company has filed may reveal how far the company wants to go with the successor.


5 facts about Nintendo

Nintendo originally began as a manufacturer of playing cards and even operated cabs and love hotels.
The first portable game console was the Game Boy, launched in 1989 and sold more than 118 million.
Super Mario debuted in 1981 in the game Donkey Kong.
The best-selling game of all time is Wii Sports, with more than 82 million copies.
The name Nintendo is derived from the Japanese words ninten and do, meaning “heavenly domain” and “responsibility,” respectively.

Unfortunately, we do have to limit the enthusiasm a little bit. Companies file an awful lot of patents every year and most of them are not used.

When exactly the new Nintendo Switch will appear we don’t officially know. Although there are plenty of rumors pointing to a launch at the end of 2024.

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