Harry Potter creators deliver Xbox Series X edible controller

Harry Potter creators deliver Xbox Series X edible controller

The makers of Harry Potter are coming out with a new version of Wonka in mid-December. To celebrate, Warner is joining forces with Microsoft to provide the Xbox Series X with perhaps the most extraordinary controller ever.

When it comes to gaming, we’ve been encountering unusual things at all lately. After a simulator was banned on the Nintendo Switch, we then did see a banned game reappear on the PlayStation 5. And now we’re also starting to latch onto Xbox controllers. Do you still get it?


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Special Xbox Series X gets a controller made of chocolate

Warner Bros. and Microsoft are joining forces for a tasty collaboration. In honor of the movie Wonka, which will be released in cinemas on December 15, the parties are launching a unique Xbox Series X.

The result is a console disguised as a chocolate bar (full of branding) and a special controller. One that, like Roald Dahl’s iconic story, is wrapped in a gold wrapper. And once you, the gamer, remove that controller from the wrapper, you get a snack that will keep you busy for a while.

Harry Potter makers deliver Xbox Series X edible controller (Image: Xbox)

In fact, the Xbox Series X controller is made entirely of chocolate. In other words, an edible controller, which fortunately is an absolutely unique action by Microsoft.

By the way, if that is not enough chocolate for you, it is possible to enjoy the remaining chocolate that comes with the special version of the Xbox.

Harry Potter makers deliver Xbox Series X edible controller (Image: Xbox)

Special Xbox Series X controller not for sale

Unique is not only the console itself, but also the way you can get it into your home. For example, the Wonka edition of the Xbox Series X is not for sale in stores or online, but can only be won through a promotion.

For a chance to win, Microsoft asks that you follow the official Xbox account on X and share the announcement of the special console.

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Now that looks delicious 🤤

Follow and RT with #XboxWonkaSweepstakes for a chance to win a custom @WonkaMovie Xbox Series X & display, Edible Chocolate controller & chocolates!#WonkaMovie Only in theaters December 15

Ages 18+. Ends 12/14/23. Rules: https://t.co/JFlKtTEHaC pic.twitter.com/Mj8FTgIz3v

– Xbox (@Xbox) November 13, 2023

The promotion runs from Nov. 13 to Dec. 14, 2023.

Harry Potter creators come up with Wonka

As of December 15, as far as we are concerned, the Christmas movie of 2023 will be out. Although we obviously haven’t had a chance to admire the result yet, Wonka is already generating enthusiasm on the editorial staff.

Roald Dahl’s iconic story is being given a completely new look by the creators of Harry Potter.

Wondering what exactly to expect? We tell you all about it in the article below:

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