YouTube makes paid features free on Android and iPhone

YouTube makes paid features free on Android and iPhone

YouTube is taking some impressive features behind the pay wall. Users worldwide will have access to features that have made quite an impression recently.

Humming a song to find out exactly what song you’re looking for, a feature that equalizes the volume of each video and AI-powered voice recognition: it’s all available now.

Paid YouTube features now free

In 2020, YouTube jettisoned its standard way of testing new features and offered experimental features only to Premium members.

For example, paying users were given the ability to search for songs by humming them, and screen lock ensured that a video was not disrupted while watching.

YouTube makes paid features free on Android and iPhone (Image: YouTube)

In a blog post, YouTube announced that it is moving some of these features to its mobile app and removing them from the paywall.

Better yet, as a free user, you get some very nice new features.

Humming to find music more easily

Finding a song that’s in your head can be really incredibly difficult. Fortunately, in August YouTube introduced the ability, using AI (artificial intelligence), to perform searches based on humming.

This functionality is now available in the YouTube app for all Android users. People with iPhones, however, will have to wait, indefinitely.

YouTube makes paid features free on Android and iPhone (Image: YouTube)

Speaking of sound, YouTube has improved that, too. There is now a feature in the mobile app that stabilizes the volume of each video, purely to protect your speakers (or your ears).

Shortcuts and better controls

Earlier this year, YouTube experimented with a handy shortcut to control video playback speed. That feature is now not only available for free, but also improved.

When watching a video, you can press the right half of the screen to double the speed. Once you get to the bit you want to watch at normal speed, you can release the screen again.

Searching for certain parts in a video has also become easier. When you can’t find something and want to go back to the beginning, your smartphone will vibrate to let you know you’re back at the beginning.

YouTube makes paid features free on Android and iPhone (Image: YouTube)

YouTube enhances your personal experience

The features make watching videos easier and more enjoyable. YouTube is also improving the overall user experience in its app.

Thumbnails, for example, have been made larger, making searching more pleasant. There is a lock feature that protects you from unintentional touches, and your personal library looks more organized.

Those who often use YouTube on their television will notice that the app shows more information about videos. A small menu shows things like the video description, reactions and chapters.

All in all, the former paid features make YouTube’s free app much better. A smart move, if you ask us.

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