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Apple releases solution for ‘burned-in’ iPhone 15 Pro screens

Several users who have purchased the iPhone 15 Pro are reporting complaints of a burned-in screen. At first glance, this seems like a difficult problem to solve, but fortunately Apple is now coming up with a solution.

Imagine this: you just bought the pricey iPhone 15 Pro and after using it, the screen seems to be burned in. This is a nightmare, and you might think that the entire screen needs to be replaced, which means you have to miss the smartphone for some time. Fortunately, Apple has now come up with a simpler solution.

A ‘burned-in’ screen on the iPhone 15 Pro

When launching a new phone, there are often some teething problems that need to be fixed. Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro is no exception. Some users report that the smartphone gets very hot and even overheats. For others, the screen seems to burn in.

Burn-in is a problem that can occur with OLED screens, not only in smartphones but also in televisions, for example. Normally this problem occurs only after long-term use, and not within a few weeks of purchase, which makes it notable that the problem is already occurring with the iPhone 15 Pro, which was released only a month ago.

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Fortunately, the problem does not appear to be actual burn-in, since in that case the screen would have to be replaced. For the iPhone 15 Pro, however, the solution is quite simple: install iOS 17.1. The only problem is that this update has not yet been released. So you’ll have to wait a while until the “burned-in” screens are fully restored.

Apple seems to be fixing the problem

iOS 17.1 is already available to beta testers. They report that the problem is completely fixed on the iPhone 15 Pro after the update. This fix applies not only to the screen issues, but also to overheating on Apple devices. Both problems were fixed after the update. So it seems that this is a “common” software bug.

As mentioned earlier, iOS 17.1 is currently only available to beta testers. The exact release date of the update is not yet known, but it seems unlikely that Apple will leave you in suspense for long.

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