1699965802 How people are finding the best health insurance for 2024

How people are finding the best health insurance for 2024 online

The time of year is upon us to start worrying about 2024 health insurance again. Naturally, you want to find the best option for yourself or your family, with the lowest health care premium. But with the help of some online tools, how exactly can you do that?

Since the beginning of this week, the health care premiums for the coming year have been announced. While it is detrimental that as a Dutch person you will simply start paying more in 2024, there are ways online where you can find the best options.

Find the best 2024 health insurance online

Finding the right health insurance for you and your family, but not paying too much health care premium: it can be quite a difficult task. Fortunately, there are several tools online that people use to ultimately get through the new year with the best option.

The only question is: exactly which tools are these and how reliable are they? We list a few for you:

Independer: 100% independent and comprehensive

Independer is a large comparison site that has made a nice name for itself over the years. Those looking for the lowest health care premium can make excellent use of the tool to find the best health insurance for 2024.

On the website, you briefly enter your information, such as place of residence and age, followed by a number of requirements. What additional package do you need and how much deductible do you want to pay?

Based on this, a number of, customized, health insurance policies for 2024 roll out of the quiver. Tip from us: then do your own research on the insurers’ packages and close it directly through them.

Trustpilot doesn’t give Independer a very high rating, but that has mostly to do with the handling of certain issues or underwriting. So try to avoid that bit on the website.

This is how people find the best health insurance online for 2024 (Screenshot: WANT)

Consumer Association for the best health insurance of 2024

There are few situations in which we do not lean on the trust we have given to the Consumers Union. The consumer organization is known for its objective opinion and regularly brings in experts to help you personally.

So that also applies to finding the best health insurance of 2024. By filling in some information and selecting coverage, you will be shown a number of packages.

The Consumers’ Association clearly lists the different health insurance policies and the health care premiums, so you can quickly determine which package suits you best.

On Trustpilot, however, people give bad reviews to the website, but again, this is for a different field. Those who simply want to educate themselves a bit more about health insurance for the coming year can really make excellent use of the website’s comparator.

After that, however, do your own research and simply purchase the insurance policies from the relevant party itself.

This is how people find the best health insurance online for 2024 (Screenshot: WANT)

Find the best health care premium with overstappen.nl

Interestingly, in our search we also often come across the, to us, unfamiliar name overstappen.nl. This website aims to help people in practically every area. Whether it’s energy, internet and mobile, borrowing money, car insurance or health insurance, this website helps you pretty well.

Online, we also find rave reviews for this website and it even has an average score of a 4.4 (out of 5) on Trustpilot. The online resource actually makes people pay less for their new subscriptions, which in the case of the higher health care premiums of 2024 is all the more pleasing.

The tool works logically the same as the top two: you fill in some information, enter your preferences in coverage and you’ll find your health insurance for 2024 without a doubt.

This is how people find the best health insurance for 2024 online (Screenshot: WANT)

As far as we are concerned, at least of the above online tools, overstappen.nl is the best website to find good health insurance for 2024.

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