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Will Google Glass become Apple Vision Pro’s biggest competitor after all?

Apple managed to impress quite a bit last summer with its Vision Pro. Although, of course, the idea was not new. The Google Glass was among the pioneers of the concept. And now let exactly those glasses possibly make their comeback.

There are those products that are ahead of their time and make an incredible impact. But in some cases they come too early, because society is not yet ready for them. The Google Glass is the prime example. But with Apple set to take the market by storm with its Vision Pro, failure need not always remain a failure. Right?

Is the Google Glass making its comeback?

It looks like it will finally be a real time for VR and AR soon. Of course, Oculus of Meta has been paving the way for years and PlayStation has released its second VR headset. However, it is Apple that is giving the AR/VR landscape a big boost with the arrival of the Vision Pro.

Other companies also see this and thus want to catch on. Samsung, for example, is working on a VR/AR project, but doesn’t really want to get off the ground. Now another sleeping giant in this field seems to be waking up: Google. So it also seems to want to compete with the Apple Vision Pro.


The demise of the Google Glass

Google Glass was a pair of glasses that projected information directly onto the user’s field of vision. Although promising, it was plagued by privacy concerns and Google discontinued it in 2015. However, it remains an interesting example of early AR technology.

The website 9to5Google has found hidden code in Android that hints at Iris. And let Iris be the very project name of AR/VR glasses. In addition, that name also appears in Google Assistant. So it seems to be only a matter of time before we see a new version of the smart glasses, if the rumors are to be believed.

Project Iris as an answer to the Apple Vision Pro?

Project Iris refers to AR/VR glasses that Google briefly showed at Google I/O in 2022. The main task of those glasses was to translate spoken dialogue into a text that is then displayed on the glasses. This allows you to easily communicate with people from other countries.

This probably reminds you of the Google Glass. It was Google’s first AR glasses and immediately the last. As mentioned, the market seems to be ready for it now, thanks in part to the Apple Vision Pro. So it will be interesting to see exactly how Google will approach this project.

To be really interesting, this new Google Glass does need to offer more than just translations. Of course, it would be ideal if you could also use Google Assistant to request all kinds of other information, such as a route or an incoming e-mail, for example. It could then become a real competitor to the Apple Vision Pro. Well, a budget variant, because the glasses from Cupertino are almost unaffordable.


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