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BTC update: price Bitcoin and crypto drops, whales, leverage + key

Looking at the live Bitcoin (BTC) price and prices of the top 25 crypto we see that the words of FED Chairman Powell are not missing their effect. We can see this in the results for the past week and month. Then we analyze how old whales are moving. There is also bad news for leverage traders. Finally, we look at the Bitcoin (BTC) price key price in the short term.

We begin of course with the live Bitcoin (BTC) price and prices of the top 25 crypto.

Live bitcoin (BTC) price and prices top 25 crypto drop

At the time of writing, the live Bitcoin (BTC) price is quoting EUR 19,880.31 ($19,807.16). This is 1.05% lower than yesterday around this time and 4% lower than after FED Chairman Powell’s speech on Friday night.

The prices of the top 25 crypto also remain in a minor state. There are some exceptions. Litecoin (LTC) is currently posting the largest gain at +1.14%. Avalanche (AVAX) has the biggest loss at -10.25%.

Bitcoin crypto cryptocoins cryptocurrencyBitcoin (Image: Pexels / Alesia Kozik)

Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto returns in the minus

The price declines following FED Chairman Powell’s speech contributed heavily to the fact that we are seeing a negative week for Bitcoin (BTC) earnings and the return on the top 25 crypto. As a result, most monthly figures are also shooting back into the red.

Over the past week, only Leo Token (LEO) posted a gain with +2.25%. Avalanche (AVAX) suffered the greatest loss with 21.81%. The Bitcoin (BTC) price fell by 8.33% over the past week.

Of course, you may wonder if investing in Bitcoin (BTC) is so profitable. We made a comparison and here you can see how the return on BTC compares to other investments.

This brings the monthly loss of Bitcoin (BTC) to -16.91%. The biggest loss in that period was to Solana (SOL), which lost 27.18%. There were only a few monthly gains to note. The biggest monthly gain was for Shiba Inu (SHIB) at +1.29%.

On the Tradeincrypto.com site you can analyze returns and live crypto prices 24 hours a day.

Bitcoin crypto cryptocoins cryptocurrencyCrypto (Image: Pexels / Karolina Grabowska)

Old Bitcoin (BTC) whales on the move, now what?

Yesterday, a Bitcoin owner moved 5,000 BTC from a wallet that had been dormant for at least 7 years. The transaction was not to an exchange yet the market experienced the transaction as bearish.

This is mainly because the previous times such old BTC was moved a price drop followed. Research shows that 92% of the market expects this to happen again now.

Crypto market bearish due to news about leverage traders

Regulatory authorities are increasingly targeting leverage traders. This so-called leverage creates great financial risks. We regularly see many executions of collateral during strong price fluctuations. In Singapore, restrictions on leverage trading are now being considered.

Now that regulations are being put in place in many countries, we can expect pressure on leverage trading to arise in other countries as well. This inhibits the possibility of returns and so the market reacts bearishly.

Bitcoin crypto cryptocoins cryptocurrencyCrypto (Image: Pexels / Karolina Grabowska)

These are the Bitcoin (BTC) price key quotes in the short term

Now that the Bitcoin (BTC) price is below $20,000, all eyes are on the trend line of $19,513. If it holds, a bullish rally in a bearish trend could occur. Prices could then bounce back to $20,750 and then possibly towards $22,400.

If not, we must prepare for a further correction, in which the price may fall back to $17,578.00 via $18,500.00 and in the extreme case even $15,000.00.

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Bitcoin crypto cryptocoins cryptocurrencyCrypto (Image: Pexels / Karolina Grabowska)

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