Cheeky Pokemon copy with firearms has been sold millions of.webp

Cheeky Pokémon copy with firearms has been sold millions of times

Is Pokémon on the Nintendo Switch way too good for you? Then there’s now an alternative on your PC. Millions of players have already discovered Palworld.

Nintendo goes to great lengths to make Pokémon clones’ lives impossible. Whenever one comes out, the company immediately opens the attack with hordes of lawyers. Nevertheless, one game now manages to slip through, and it also manages to sell millions of copies.

Better good copied than bad invented, Pocketpair must have thought. The company released the game Palworld last weekend, and it is proving to be a huge success. It shows that people are waiting for a bolder Pokémon game than is currently available on the Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon, but with weapons

And that the Pokémon game with weapons is so incredibly popular is evidenced by the fact that the server for the game regularly goes down. Probably the creators did not dare to dream this. At its peak, 1.3 million gamers were playing simultaneously on Steam.

Pocketpair itself calls Palworld a multiplayer monster-collecting game with open-world survival elements. That would be a great way to describe Pokémon itself. As such, many people call it a Pokémon rip-off.

Players are called Pal-temmers, or Pokémon trainers. They have to catch monsters in an open-world setting. The only major difference is that you can also recruit humans. It is also possible to put wannabe Pokémon to work in a base to have items made for you. Again, this may seem familiar, as in a Pokémon game via your computer you can also put your captured monsters to work for experience points.

Will Nintendo open the attack?

Still, not everyone is happy with Palworld. For example, players feel that much of the design and gameplay has been nicked from Pokémon. In addition, according to them, it also contains a whole load of Ark: Survival. Nevertheless, it manages to bring in mostly good reviews on Steam.

Palworld is additionally still in early access, meaning this is not yet the final version. You can compare it to a beta in techterms. So things can still be adjusted and added. Also, some bugs still need to be fixed.

Still, it remains to be seen whether Nintendo will really let this happen. It would not be surprising if the company opens the attack on these Pokémon with guns. However, the company would then have to prove that the idea and design were stolen.

Want to play the game yourself to see if it really is a Pokémon copy? You can, as Palworld is now available on Steam and the Xbox Store.

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