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New AI feature makes Gmail even better on iPhone and Android

Many people use Gmail for their emails because the iPhone and Android app is very user-friendly and easy. That will soon get even better and that has everything to do with AI.

You may have seen the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S24 last week. AI was really the magic word there. One of the features the company showed was that AI will soon be able to improve your emails.

But Samsung really isn’t the only company working on this. Google is also looking at how it can further improve Gmail app for iPhone and Android. A new AI feature coming up is one we’re really looking forward to.

Google is working on the ideal Gmail feature with AI

Soon you really won’t have to put any effort into writing an email. Google plans to use Gmail to take all your work off your hands through AI.

The feature the company is working on for the iPhone and Android app works as follows. You may already know the Help Me Write feature from Gmail. Here it is possible to have AI write an e-mail for you. You do that by entering a prompt (text area). Soon that won’t be necessary at all.

Gmail annoyance tackled severely by Google after new featureAn email on Android. (Image: Unsplash/Hamed Taha)

It is now testing a new feature where you simply type in exactly what you want in an email. Then Gmail writes the entire feature for you. This is especially ideal if you want to reply to an e-mail on your iPhone or Android device.

So you no longer have to use the dictation function of your keyboard because of this. Moreover, it is used directly by the Gmail app itself, so the AI can also automatically improve the text already.

Still waiting for the feature for the iPhone and Android app

If you check the feature in the Gmail app on Android or iPhone, a large microphone button will appear. You press this and the prompt is recorded. Then you tap make to have Google’s AI write the email for you, reports SpAndroid)

Unfortunately, the feature is not available right now because Google is still testing it. The company doesn’t want to bring it to Gmail until everything checks out. So it’s still hard to say when this feature will appear on your iPhone or Android device.

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