BMW and Toyota ruin your iPhone 15 but Apple comes

iOS 17.3 puts iPhone thieves out of business thanks to new feature

It’s now possible to install iOS 17.3 on your iPhone, and you definitely should. The main reason: you’ll make it even harder for thieves targeting your phone.

iOS 17.3 is the latest version of your iPhone’s operating system. While most of the improvements mainly make your iPhone work even better by fixing bugs, you also get a number of new features.

One of the most startling new features are the improvements to security features. It will be even harder for thieves to crack your iPhone.

Criminals get tougher with iOS 17.3

We really don’t have to tell you that it’s a disaster when your iPhone gets stolen. Still, there is something much worse than the material value of the device. A criminal can also gain access to your data and that can cause much greater damage.

iCloud is basically your iPhone’s vault. Through that feature, you store your data securely in the cloud. Especially if thieves have access to it, suddenly very much lies open. Think, for example, of accounts for your bank or e-mail that you have stored there.

iOS 17 puts iPhone thieves out of harm's way thanks to new feature (Image: Jeroen Kraak/WANT)

Of course, thieves have to have your password first, but there have been cases where, prior to a theft, they first try to extract it by watching along. That becomes a lot more difficult with the new feature in iOS 17.3.

Here’s what’s changing on your iPhone

One of the newest additions to iOS 17.3 is “Stolen Device Protection. With the new feature, the iPhone builds in a waiting period for sensitive actions, such as changing your Apple ID password or iPhone access code.

In fact, there are a number of hurdles built in by iOS 17.3 that are going to delay changing your password for thieves. For example, Face ID or Touch ID is required first, then you have to wait an hour and then another Face ID or Touch ID takes place. Only then is the whole process complete to change a password.

As you can see, those are some hefty measures, giving you enough time to change your account yourself. You can then do that through the website, for example.

Not just a hassle

Now you may think that it will be a lot of hassle to change your password, but it’s not. This feature is only enabled when you are not in a known location. If you just want to change your Apple ID password at home or at work, you can just do it right away.

This new feature is not only for the iPhone 15, but applies to all models on which iOS 17.3 can be installed.

In addition, Apple has made some other security updates for older models. For example, iOS 16 and even iOS 9 have received updates. By the way, this is not the Protect for Stolen Device feature, but a general security update.

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