Philips Hue shows new bulb and makes your home even

Philips Hue shows new bulb and makes your home even safer

You know Philips Hue mostly for its bulbs, but the brand has also had its own security system since last year. It is now announcing new bulbs and additional features.

If you want to start turning your home into a true Smart Home, the first step is often to buy smart bulbs. Those from Philips Hue are among the best on the market.

Philips Hue is constantly innovating, and that includes new products. So now it announces some new ones and we take you through them.

New Philips Hue bulbs

Let’s start with lighting, because that’s what Philips Hue is best known for. First up is the Dymera wall lamp. This is weatherproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has an architectural look, as the company calls it, and focuses LED light both up and down. These can both display separate colors. The Dymera will be available Feb. 27 and will cost 219.99 euros.

It also has two new accessories for lamps. The company has a new cord for the Filament lamps. They are available in black or white and in two sizes to fit multiple interiors. For 59.99 euros you have an M and for 69.99 euros you have an L. They will be available from mid-February.

Philips Hue shows off new lamp and security productsNew cords. (Image: Philips Hue)

Philips Hue is also coming out with the Perifo T connector. This allows rails to run in three different directions, so you can light up the entire room with smart rail lighting. These connectors are also available in black and white. Sometime in the first quarter, the connector should hit the market. You’ll pay 34.99 euros for it.

Security system improvements

But in addition to smart bulbs, Philips Hue now has its own security system. By the way, this works in conjunction with the lights to deter thieves.

The Philips Hue Secure camera starter kit is now available. This includes a white wired camera, a power supply and a wall mount. You also have at your disposal two contact sensors, two standard lamps with white and colored light and a Hue Bridge. This starter kit costs 399 euros.

In addition, it is now also marketing a special verstraler. This combines light and security and is especially for outdoors. When you activate a light alarm from the app, a spotlight instantly illuminates a large area in the color you want. The set also includes a security camera. This one has a price tag of 349.99 euros.

Philips Hue shows off new lamp and security productsSafe outdoors, too. (Image: Philips Hue)

Updates to the Philips Hue app

In the first half of this year, you can also expect some new features in the Philips Hue app. These include improved push notifications. Also, the automatic light and sound alarms should get even better.

In addition, Philips Hue is also working on support for Amazon Alexa and Google Home for the Secure system, so you can control them from there as well. The company is not yet saying when we can expect that.

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