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First trailer Grand Theft Auto VI officially released in December

Rockstar Games has just broken the silence surrounding Grand Theft Auto VI. After journalist Jason Schreier already broke the news with information about the game’s trailer, the developer seems compelled to respond.

Although we have been fantasizing about Grand Theft Auto VI for months, such as what it can all learn from San Andreas for example, it remained seriously quiet from the side of Rockstar Games. Today it finally breaks the silence.

Rockstar Games on the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer

After all major platforms knew last night and this morning to report that Rockstar Games is going to say more about Grand Theft Auto VI, things still remained quiet from Rockstar Games. Still, following journalist Jason Schreier’s story, the developer feels compelled to break the silence.

In an email to the press, the developer reveals that it will show the first trailer for GTA VI in December. Something fans have been waiting a particularly long time for.

By the way, it is not very strange that Rockstar Games chooses to show the first footage in December. Next month marks the studio’s 25th anniversary.

Spicy update GTA Online causes load of pissed off fansRemains brilliant. (Image: Rockstar Games)

Expectations are insanely high

It has now been ten years since Rockstar released the beloved Grand Theft Auto V. The game has sold over 185 million copies at the time of writing and is still incredibly played daily thanks to its online portion.

Grand Theft Auto VI has to be really good to live up to the sky-high expectations. Fans have been waiting for this installment for years, and it remains to be seen to what extent Rockstar Games will be able to handle the pressure.


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In the past, however, the developer has proven to be strong on its feet, such as with the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Last year, some source code leaked out, giving us a small first impression of Grand Theft Auto VI. At the time, the images weren’t very impressive, but according to our friend Dennis Mons, we shouldn’t let that fool us.

He tells you all about it in the article below.

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