Goldfish defeats difficult final boss in Elden Ring

Goldfish defeats difficult final boss in Elden Ring

Elden Ring cannot exactly be called an easy game right now. A real-life goldfish seems to prove otherwise, as it single-handedly – or should we say single-handedly – defeated not one but two bosses in the game.

YouTuber and Twitch streamer PointCrow put his goldfish named Tortellini to battle in FromSoftware’s successful RPG. The aquatic creature obviously couldn’t hold a controller in its fins by itself, but its owner had come up with a clever solution for that.


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Goldfish plays Elden Ring

In fact, a modder developed a program that could track exactly where Tortellini was in the aquarium. Different sections of the fish bowl were assigned to a controller button. As a result, the goldfish simply only had to swim through the tank to perform actions in Elden Ring.

The YouTuber had his goldfish take on increasingly difficult bosses. He started at Margit, the Fell Omen. Since that’s the first boss you encounter as an Elden Ring player, it can’t really be called the toughest enemy. However, many players will have needed several attempts to defeat this enemy.

Not one, but two final bosses

Tortellini also needed several attempts, but eventually defeated Margit. Next, the goldfish took on a trickier foe, namely Godrick the Grafted. This Elden Ring boss can be a real nightmare. Not for Tortellini, of course, as the goldfish managed to skillfully dodge several approaching attacks and eventually won the battle. What a beast.

It didn’t stop there, as Tortellini also had to take on Malenia, the most difficult boss in Elden Ring. It took many attempts, but eventually the goldfish managed to get through the first stage of the final boss. However, it did not manage to completely defeat Malenia. All in all, it is an impressive achievement … for a fish!

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