Heres how to track down people who are secretly using

Here’s how to track down people who are secretly using your Netflix and Spotify

With the recent price increases of Netflix and Spotify, sharing streaming services is very tempting. You can share an account with friends, family or colleagues. It’s important to be careful with that, though.

No judgment here if you voluntarily share a Netflix or Spotify account. But through “word of mouth,” the number of people who know your password can pile up without you even realizing it. And we don’t think that’s quite the idea.


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This is how you find out who is profiting from your Netflix or Spotify account

Before you start investigating, it’s important to check if things on your account are wrong. For example, are you getting weird viewing or listening suggestions? Or have things changed on your Netflix viewing list or Spotify playlists?

If you see anything suspicious, check through the tips below to see if someone else is secretly using your account. Keep checking regularly to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Here’s how to spot peeps on Netflix

Netflix has a handy way to keep an eye on your account. On the home screen, go to “Account” and “Manage access and devices. Here you can see which devices have access to your account. If there’s one among them that you don’t know about, you know enough.

Fortunately, Netflix makes it easy to remove non-desired profiles. Just go to “Account” and click “Log out on all devices. Then change your password so that anyone who is logged out cannot just log in again.

Spotify gets more expensive: that's how much more you'll have to pay from now onAm I hearing that right? (Image: Netflix)

And this is how you catch them on Spotify

In Spotify’s app, you can view a list of what’s played on your account. To do this, click on the clock at the top right of the homepage. Here you can check if there are any songs or albums among them that don’t look familiar to you.

Furthermore, as with Netflix, you can check which apps and devices can access your Spotify account in the account settings. To do this, go to the desktop version and click on your profile picture. Press “Account” and in the account settings, choose “Apps. You can block any unknown device by clicking ‘Remove access’.

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