Hogwarts Legacy whom to choose in Welcome to Hogsmeade

Hogwarts Legacy was the dream, its successor possibly a lot less so

The sequel to the beloved wizarding game Hogwarts Legacy hasn’t even been announced yet and is already running into huge problems at Warner Bros.

Even though we have never heard any information about a possible sequel to the popular game Hogwarts Legacy, the chance seems high due to the success of the first game. But a strategy change from Warner Bos. Games, makes the future of the magic games a little less certain.

Hogwarts Legacy was released for PlayStation 5, Xbox series X/S and PC in February 2023, and the game was an instant hit. A Nintendo Switch edition also followed later. The game was so successful that it even beat a giant like Call Of Duty as the best game of the year. So a second installment of the game seems like a logical move, but will it come to pass?

Hogwarts Legacy from Warner Bros. Games

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world action game. In the game, you play as a wizard or witch in the world of the well-known Harry Potter book and movie series. You can go to the Hogwarts magic school in the game itself to learn magic. But during your time here, you meet people and creatures and experience quite a few things.

Hogwarts Legacy was a huge success, people could finally fulfill their dream and go to Hogwarts themselves. They themselves step into the role of a young wizard learning magic in the castle somewhere in Scotland. The game owes much of its success to the loyal fan base of the Harry Potter franchise. But the game is also just insanely good. A great story with nice graphics and a fun play style.

Warner Bros. throws Hogwarts Legacy 2 out the window (Image: Portkey Games / Warner Bros.)

Uncertain future

Still, the chances of a Hogwarts Legacy sequel seem to be shrinking by the second. According to GameSpot, the head of Warner Bros. Games, the owner of Hogwarts Legacy, has a new strategy in mind for future games. Warner Bros. Games will start showing more interest in free games, live service and mobile games. And Hogwarts Legacy does not fall under any of these genres.

Part of the blame for this decision lies with Warner Bros.’ recent game; Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. This game was a huge flop with many negative reviews. This poor performance has made Warner Bros. Games think about the future of the studio. And that is detrimental to many franchises such as Harry Potter.


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Hogwarts Legacy as an offline single-player experience does not fit as well into WB’s future plan. Indeed, many of the studio’s other recent games, such as Suicide Squad, Mortal Kombat 1 and Gotham Knights all have multiple online capabilities. Hogwarts Legacy thus falls outside the box here.

It would be a shame though if Warner Bros. Games passed up the chance for a Hogwarts Legacy sequel. Especially since the first game performed so insanely well. There’s a good chance that a sequel would do just as well, if not even better. But then again, if Hogwarts Legacy two never becomes a reality, we’ll just have to make do with the mobile game Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

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