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Is the Nintendo Switch 2 already off to a perfect start because of Pokémon?

Game Freak has announced a brand new Pokémon game. The name is Legends: Z-A and the console is logically the Nintendo Switch. Is this the perfect launch game for that console?

During Pokémon Day 2024, Game Freak unveiled a new title. Pokémon Legends: Z-A may not have much to offer us yet in terms of visuals, but it is generating enthusiasm.

Starting in 2025, the new game will be playable, which mainly reminds us of the Nintendo Switch 2. In all likelihood, the console won’t appear until that year, so now it seems to have its launch title up for grabs.

Pokémon on Nintendo Switch 2

The Pokémon Company shared on Feb. 27 that its latest game is on the way and can be expected next year. That’s about 3 years after the last Pokémon game Scarlet & Violet.

Furthermore, The Pokémon Company revealed that that new game will soon be playable on all available Nintendo Switch systems. Think not only the original version, but also the OLED and Lite versions of the console.

Recent rumors have also revealed that there is a strong possibility that we can expect the successor to the Nintendo Switch in 2025. So this is the same year as the arrival of the new Pokémon game. So there is a good chance that Legends: Z-A will be the first game for the Switch 2.

Mega-evolution is back

Pokémon Legends: Z-A for the Switch is going to be set in Kalos. This is the same region where the X&Y games took place. And, of course, also the world where the series took place.


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And if the Kalos region is known for anything in the fictional world, it is Mega-evolution. A much loved addition by fans. With Mega-evolution, some existing Pokémon actually get an extra, and stronger evolution.

Since Legends: Z-A for the Switch will be set in the home region of Mega-evolution, chances are we should expect this feature in upcoming games as well. And that’s something many Pokémon fans, including me, are very much looking forward to.

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