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Apple is changing your iPhone with these hidden features with iOS 17.4

As of now, you can download iOS 17.4 for your iPhone. The operating system gets some delightful features that will make your smartphone that much better.

There is a lot of talk about iOS 17.4 and that makes quite a bit of sense. Because of pressure from the European Union, Apple has to allow App Store competitors on the iPhone, and iOS 17.4 is the first time it’s actually going to happen.

We’ve already told you quite a bit about those new App Store competitors. Now it’s time to name other things, because your iPhone is getting much better in other areas as well.

New improvements for your iPhone thanks to iOS 17.4

Because of the beta version of iOS 17.4, we already know roughly what to expect. With its improved features, it looks like an update you’ll want to sneak in as soon as possible.

iPhone 15 gets better battery life

If you have an iPhone 15, iOS 17.4 will allow you to enjoy that smartphone even longer. An update allows the smartphone to complete at least 1,000 complete charge cycles before its battery condition drops to 80 percent. For older iPhones, this number is 500. 15. (Image: Jeroen Kraak/WANT)

The number of times you’ve charged your iPhone will also soon be able to be seen in Settings when you go to Battery.

Apple allows streaming in App Store

For a long time, Apple tried to do everything it could to stop game streaming apps like Xbox Cloud Gaming. Fortunately, via a workaround, you could still stream to your iPhone. However, iOS 17.4 makes it much easier.

Apple is now allowing apps. That means Xbox Cloud Gaming and GeForce Now are simply downloadable directly from the App Store. This immediately makes your gaming experience a lot better.

Your iPhone is even better protected from thieves and hackers thanks to iOS 17.4

With the arrival of iOS 17.3, it already became possible to better protect your iPhone through Protection for Stolen Device found under the Face ID and Access Code heading in Settings. You now get an option added to it that allows you to set double authentication at all times.

Disable this popular iPhone feature to save your battery (Image: Jeroen Kraak/WANT)

In addition, Apple is giving iOS 17.4 a new encryption protocol for iMessage. This makes the end-to-end encryption for the messages you send and receive even better.

Siri translates messages for you

Siri seems to be getting a new AI feature, which you may know from the Google Pixel 8 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S24. Unfortunately, however, it won’t be as extensive as the competition’s.

Although with those two brands it turns your smartphone into an interpreter, Siri in iOS 17.4 only sticks to translating messages. So it’s ideal if you have quite a few international friends who speak a language you haven’t mastered well enough.

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