AI shows what that canceled Apple Car could have looked

AI shows what that canceled Apple Car could have looked like

For the past few years, the question was not if, but when the Apple Car would come out. We were all wrong, because we are never going to see it, or are we?

Last week, Bloomberg came across a report stating that the Apple Car has definitely been canceled. Apple was investing a billion dollars a year in the project, but it ultimately proved not good enough to go forward with it.

So Apple has pulled the plug on the electric car project. Still, like me, you’re probably curious what the Apple Car would have looked like. The company itself is keeping that information to itself, but fortunately AI does have an idea of what the company’s futuristic four-wheeler would have looked like.

The Apple Car: an ambitious plan that never materializes

Thanks to Bloomberg, we know quite a few details about Apple’s canceled electric car. At one point, Apple even considered a microbus without pedals and steering wheel, but with plenty of legroom. Then again, noted Apple designer John Ive was thinking of an interior of stainless steel, wood and white upholstery. Remarkably, he did not consider titanium.

As for the execution of the Apple Car, the company wanted to collaborate with various car manufacturers on the Apple Car. In fact, the company even considered acquiring Tesla. Mercedes, for example, was also seen as a potential partner, but the two parties could not agree.

AI shows what that canceled Apple Car could have looked.webp (Image: Dall E)

This is what AI thinks

Based on the leaked details, we asked DALL-E, the AI photo program from ChatGPT maker OpenAI, what exactly the Apple Car would look like according to those details. The program generated two striking models, and secretly we still see them.

Actually, it’s mostly a state-of-the-art version of the old-fashioned Volkswagen Bus. But given all the problems surrounding the Apple Car, maybe we should leave the making of these vans to Volkswagen.

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