Monopoly Go dwarfs iconic PlayStation 5 title with insane budget

Monopoly Go dwarfs iconic PlayStation 5 title with insane budget

The mobile game Monopoly Go has put more budget into marketing the app than what the development costs were of giant games like Spider-Man 2.

Mobile games have always been popular, for good reason. You always have your smartphone with you; it’s perfect for when you’re bored for a moment. The popular board game Monopoly also saw the mobile gaming market as an opportunity and released Monopoly Go.

You may have never heard of the mobile game but chances are you know someone who does play the game. The game is immensely popular, with more than 10 million daily players. But to achieve this, the marketing team did put a fair amount of money into it as well.

Monopoly Go was more expensive than Spider-Man 2

The multiplayer mobile board game Monopoly Go was released on April 11, 2023. Since then, the game has grossed more than $2 billion and has been downloaded more than 100 million times. But this popularity certainly wasn’t free.

Scopely, the creators of Monopoly Go, spent nearly $500 million on marketing alone. So that doesn’t even include costs for the game itself. To put this in proportion. This is far more than Sony has spent on giant games like Spider-Man 2 and The Last Of Us Part II.


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Mobile games are not cheap

But it’s not even as if the marketing of Monopoly Go was more than the marketing of Spider-Man 2. We’re talking about the complete spending of the popular superhero game. About 300 million was spent for the making of Spider-Man 2, and at this they were already over budget.

This is just another good reminder that making mobile games is not as cheap as is sometimes thought. But not only is it expensive, it’s also just super difficult. Mobile game studios have to find a way to keep people coming back day after day. And that can still be quite a challenge. Marketing can play a big role in this, which is what Monopoly Go has shown with this gargantuan amount.

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