Nothing remarkably teases the new Ear 3

Nothing remarkably teases the new Ear (3)

Nothing is pushing hard. Last month we first saw the Phone (2a) and now we can look forward to the Ear (3).

The first gadget Nothing ever made was the Ear (1). Later we saw the Ear (Stick) and the Ear (2), and of course the various smartphones.

Now it seems we can expect new earbuds again, as Nothing posts a new teaser on X. One that hints at the Ear (3).

The Nothing Ear (3) is coming

The new teaser from Nothing does not show a gadget. Yet we know pretty much for sure that these are new earbuds. This has everything to do with previous videos from the company. In the Ear (1) we saw a ladybug, while in the Ear (2) it was a beetle.

In the new teaser, we see a … frog jumping over a beetle. So that beetle seems to refer to the Ear (2), while the frog represents the Ear (3). This one literally jumps over the (2).

Twitter is not loading because you did not give permission.


– Nothing (@nothing) March 27, 2024

The company is not releasing anything besides this teaser yet. We can now all make up stuff about what the beetle stands for, but that is really still to be seen. What does appear is that the Nothing Ear (3) is going to take a big leap forward.

Still waiting on the details

The video does show that Nothing still has a slick marketing department. The company always manages to make the news in unusual ways.

Striking choices are also seen in the Ear and Phone designs. These often have a transparent design that makes them a real eye-catcher.

We can probably expect the same again with the Nothing (3). In addition, we can also assume that the sound quality and noise reduction will again be very good, since this was also the case with the two previous versions.

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