Netflix is full of free games for Android and iOS

Netflix provides subscribers with free game for Android and iPhone

Netflix subscribers have been able to play the game Oxenfree II: Lost Signals since this week. Although the streaming service has been adding different titles for months, the title for Android and iPhone can be called unique.

That has everything to do with the fact that Oxenfree II was created specifically for the streaming service. 15The result of Netflix acquiring developer Night School Studio in 2021. But exactly what kind of game do you get and how can you play it?

Netflix gives subscribers free games for Android and iOS

Those who played the original will recognize the haunting world and unique gameplay of Oxenfree II: Lost Signals like no other. As a player, you walk through extraordinary landscapes, talk to your companions and solve various puzzles. On paper, it is a fairly simple game in which you can quickly lose yourself as a gamer.

This is mainly due to the fact that it leans on interaction. These are not light-hearted conversations, but conversations focused on anxiety and trauma. Some characters come out of their words harder than others, and certain characters deal with their problems just a little easier.

All in all, Netflix subscribers quickly build a bond with the game’s characters, which quickly makes the game special.

Not the only game on the streaming service

Many people don’t know it, but Netflix offers subscribers more than movies and series. For several months, the streaming service has also been the place where you can play fun games for Android and iPhone, without having to pay extra for them.

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While the games within Netflix are not all great, there are some real gems among them. For example, consider the indie game Moonlighter. As a player, you collect all kinds of resources at night, in dark caves and special locations to sell in your little store during the day.

It’s one of many examples of the cool things you can do with Netflix Games. To find the games, just swipe down on the app’s home page until you get to the offerings.

How to install them next, we’ll tell you in the article below:

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