Red Dead Redemption on the Switch is a delight so

Red Dead Redemption on the Switch is a delight, so now we want these games too

Critics were skeptical that Red Dead Redemption would not run well on the Nintendo Switch. Let’s face it: it’s not the most powerful console, and the Switch 2 is still some time away. But the initial reactions to RDR have been hugely positive. And that’s why WANT editor Dennis Mons wants these 2010 games to get a port on the Switch as well.

A common complaint about the Nintendo Switch is that it’s not exactly a heavy hitter when it comes to power and graphics. But the 2010 port of Red Dead Redemption turns out to run pretty darn well on the console. But which ports from that year do I want to play on the handheld as well?

Red Dead Redemption looks to get the most out of the Nintendo Switch

The Switch is an old beast. The console has been around for six years, and often that’s when such a machine gets an upgrade. That was the case with the PlayStations and Xboxes, but the Switch had to make do with a Lite and OLED version. Meh.

Still, the past has proven that older consoles actually come into their own in their latter days. And with the successful port of Red Dead Redemption, that remains to be the case with the Nintendo Switch as well. Game journalists and “normal gamers” are at least praising the game (again). Below are five games I also want to play on the Switch that came out in the same year.

1. Bioshock 2

If there is one magical game from 2010 it is Bioshock 2. The long-awaited sequel was a delight.

BioShock 2 is set in the breathtaking city of Rapture, a hidden underwater metropolis far from the eyes of the world. This enchanting city, founded in the 1940s by none other than billionaire Andrew Ryan, exudes freedom, so to speak.

A utopia was created here, far from the influences of religion and bureaucratic interference, a true oasis of unfettered self-determination. Were it not for the fact that there were Little Sisters and Big Daddies roaming about. And they weren’t very chill.

2. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction

As a huge SplinterCell fan, this is a port that I am totally waiting for. It is far from the best game in the franchise, but we’ve been waiting so long for a new SplinterCell that I would love to play all the old titles again on the Switch.

Although the sneaking in Conviction is significantly less than its predecessors, the whole atmosphere in this Tom Clancy game is so incredibly nice to play in the dark in handheld mode. Sam Fisher: come on in!

3. Heavy Rain is perfect for the Nintendo Switch

Admittedly: Heavy Rain is not a game that charmed everyone in 2010 the way Red Redemption did to some extent. It is an adventure game that is more of an interactive movie, or even a point & click, than most titles.

You play multiple characters in Heavy Rain that all revolve around one plot. Initially, you play as Ethan, whose son has been kidnapped by the “Origami Killer,” whose trademark is to kidnap boys during the fall season.

He then kills them by drowning them in rainwater and leaving an orchid on their chests, along with an origami figure nearby. This dark and ingenious pattern gives you chills and adds a sinister dimension to the crime scene.

The intriguing thing is also that your actions directly affect the story, and that goes a long way. When one of your playable characters dies, they are actually dead. This leads to a game that is different for everyone and even has 17(!) different endings. Perfect fiction with an intriguing story that is pleasant to play on a Nintendo Switch in the dark, in your nest.

4. Kirby Extra Epic Yarn

It’s certainly not a cool game like Read Dead Redemption or other titles in the list, but Kirby Extra Epic Yarn is definitely not to be missed. The game came out on the Wii, and later on the Nintendo 3DS, but a Nintendo Switch version was never released. We had to make do with Kirby Return to Dream Land and The Forgotten Land instead. But Yarn stole my heart.

In the game, we follow Kirby, who is turned into yarn and sent to Patch Land, a world made entirely of cloth. With his helpfulness, he will assist Prince Fluff by collecting seven pieces of magical yarn, which will be used to stitch Patch Land together to stop the game’s antagonist, Yin Yarn.

Part of the problem is that the port to the 3DS was not particularly good. The resolution went from 420p to a paltry 240p, and Nintendo also left out the co-op mode, which was the very charm of the game.

However, for gamers who love the “fabric” look of games (as also in Sack Boy/Little Big Planet and Unravel), this port definitely deserves a place on the Switch. The tricky thing is: when it does, you’ll pay almost full price again in the e-Shop.

5. Mass Effect 2 rivals the graphics of Read Dead Redemption

This game has received particularly high praise. As such, it is one of the best shooter-based RPGs I personally have ever played (and I don’t like RPGs). The excellent gameplay and compelling story were fantastic, especially if you have a penchant for science fiction. In addition, the graphics were stunning even then, let alone compared to Red Dead Redemption.

In the game, you take on the role of Commander Shepard. Rather unique, at the time, was that you could determine Shepard’s gender, appearance, military background, combat training and first name. This gave each player the chance to forge their own unique Shepard and dive deep into the rich story of the Mass Effect universe.

In other words, the fact that you can also control how everyone experiences Shepard thanks to their reactions. It made for a unique dynamic. It really is a game I definitely want to play again, and if possible, on a Nintendo Switch.

So Red Dead Redemption did prove that Nintendo’s “older” console can still do a lot of tricks.

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