Spicy update GTA Online causes load of pissed off fans

Spicy update GTA Online causes load of pissed off fans

Rockstar Games has rolled out a new update for Grand Theft Auto Online, better known as GTA Online. Players are getting new missions, events and functionality that will make many a gamer anything but happy.

The update in question was released on June 13 and goes by the name San Andreas Mercenaries. A few things have been added to GTA V’s popular mode, but there are also a few that are disappearing. Anyone lose their car?

GTA Online update takes cars off the road

San Andreas Mercenaries is a nice addition to the story of GTA Online in the form of the “Register as a Boss” option. In addition, you no longer need other players for the Madrazo Dispatch Services. It’s a nice addition that manages to make the game a little more dynamic. But it’s the cars that cause problems.

In fact, Rockstar Games has removed a large number of cars from the in-game websites. “Lesser-used vehicles have been removed from the in-game websites to streamline the experience in the browser a little more,” the developer announced. To make things a little clearer, there are 180 cars that are no longer available to fans and can no longer be stolen from the streets.

A total of 195 cars are on sale, so 180 of them have been completely removed. One of those cars is the Stirling GT, arguably one of the most competitive models in its class.

So those who do not already own the car in GTA Online must now purchase it through the Vinewood Car Club. This does not happen overnight, as players must wait until the car is available. Since this location is only available to GTA+ members and there are 10 cars in rotation per week, the chances of you being able to get your hands on it are pretty slim.

Spicy update GTA Online causes load of pissed off fansDamn! (Image: Rockstar Games)

Fans are anything but happy

Fans are not very happy with the news. Especially on Reddit, displeasure is being expressed about the update released on June 13. According to some, this is mainly a way of Rockstar Games to lure more players to Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6).

Others see it more as a way for the developer to promote in-game purchases. According to them, this harms the experience of truly dedicated players. “If they wanted to improve the experience in the browser, they could have also moved the cars to another website,” said one Reddit user.

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