New AirPods Max concept is Apples ultimate headphones

New AirPods Max concept is Apple’s ultimate headphones

With the arrival of the Apple Vision Pro, Apple is setting a new standard for headsets. Possibly the Apple AirPods Max will join that trend, well, at least in terms of design. A new concept shows what the headphones could look like.

The Apple Vision Pro has built-in spatial audio, so you won’t need headphones. However, this may be the case for a cheaper headset that the company is planning, according to sources. It is possible that this headset will come without headphones. This concept of the AirPods Max could then be the ideal solution.

A new design for the AirPods Max.

The concept of the AirPods Max did not come from Apple itself, but from Twitter user and designer Parker Ortolani. On this medium, he shows his vision of a new version of the AirPods Max. This concept is a combination of the previous model and the Vision Pro.

The headband of the AirPods Max concept is very similar to that of the Apple Vision Pro. Also, like the headset, there is a special button that allows you to tighten or loosen the fit. With this design, it is also possible to make the headphones foldable, something that was not possible with the previous version.

Another change from the Apple Vision Pro is the MagSafe connector on the right ear. He says this could be used for charging and enabling lossless audio playback. He also adds new colors. As such, he prefers to see the AirPods Max in midnight, starlight, silver and space gray, or MacBook colors.

Time for Apple to innovate

Whether Apple adopts the design is the big question, but it may make sense given the design of the Apple Vision Pro. Like the headset, it is a truly premium product, and so Apple probably wants to keep that look.

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Next generation AirPods Max concept. A refined design featuring Vision Pro elements to improve comfort. H2 and U1 to offer new software functionality like adaptive audio. And gorgeous new finishes to give them a more modern look that matches the rest of your Apple devices.

– Parker Ortolani (@ParkerOrtolani) June 17, 2023

Regardless, it seems high time for a new Max. The previous version dates back to December 2020, which means it will be three years old in the summer of 2023. Not only the hardware, but also the software is falling further and further behind. For example, Apple announced new features for the AirPods 3 and the Pro 2, which will not be available on the Max.

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