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Apple experts turn off two features to make their iPhones faster

Is your iPhone as slow as a snail? And is it not due to iOS woes this time? Then it’s high time to follow the good advice of tech experts. After all, turning off two functions will make your smartphone nice and fast again.

You’ve probably tried all sorts of things to make your iPhone faster, such as deleting photos and videos, restarting your device and uninstalling apps. Nothing seems to help? Then try disabling the following two features.

iPhone faster thanks to these expert tips

Tech expert Komal Fatima tells She Finds that there are a number of common causes when it comes to a slow iPhone. As examples, the expert cites insufficient storage space, outdated software, excessive background activity by apps, too many installed apps, an accumulation of temporary files and deteriorating battery capacity.

To make your iPhone faster again anyway, Fatima disables two features. The first of these is a feature that provides motion effects and animations. This makes for a visually appealing home screen, but can significantly affect battery performance.

If you want to turn this feature off, go to your iPhone’s Settings and tap Accessibility. Then navigate to Motion and turn on Reduce Motion. You’ll notice that your battery will last a lot longer again.

Nothing more annoying than a dead battery.

Don’t forget this setting

Your iPhone downloads a bunch of stuff in the background every so often, and without you even realizing it. These include updates to apps, as well as playlists and other content. Turning off these automatic downloads drastically improves the speed of your device. Here’s how to turn it off.

Open your iPhone’s Settings and tap App Store. Under the Automatic Downloads heading, you can turn off the checkmarks behind App downloads, App updates and in-app content. This will prevent your device from automatically downloading without needing to.

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