The worst game of 2023 seems to be known and

The worst game of 2023 seems to be known and it’s not Gollum

Did you think Gollum was a bad game? Then you’re right anyway, but it could be even worse. According to the Internet, the very next one you should leave out is Skull Island: Rise of Kong.

While Lord of the Rings fans were looking forward to a new game, it turned out to be a big nightmare. I’m talking, of course, about Gollum, which came out last spring. The game turned out to be such a big disappointment that the worst game of the year already seemed to be known. Now it even seems to be missing out on this award.

Skull Island: Rise of Kong does even worse than Gollum

A new King Kong game has been released and the reactions have not been kind. As with Gollum, this game leans on a major movie title. So it is quite logical that such a game would have appeal to people who really loved the movies in question. Still, they would be better off leaving the game later.

Skull Island: Rise of Kong has so far received only one review from a gaming medium. The well-regarded IGN gave it a three, which is still pretty mild considering the review. “It’s a boring, baby carriage, totally unambitious game that isn’t even interesting because of its failures. Even fighting with dinosaurs feels really stupid.” Incidentally, Gollum still scored a four there.

Not to mention the reviewer isn’t even talking about the graphics. Looking at screenshots of the game, it looks like it’s from the year 1995.

The game is being finished

As mentioned, the review writer is still relatively mild. How different is it on X. There the criticism is really not mild. “Skull Island: Rise of Kong is not innovative. The makers of the game should be ashamed of themselves. And they probably do so because they don’t publish anything about it themselves,” writes one user.

Another person writes: “Gollum is the worst game of 2023. Skull Island: Rise of Kong: ‘Hold my beer.'”

So funny seeing MoistCritikal and other streamers getting hyped for the Skull Island: Rise of Kong jpeg cutscene.
It’s made my night

– Rick (@RickDaSquirrel) October 18, 2023

We especially don’t recommend you try this game. After all, it has a price tag of 39.99 euros. For that money you can much better buy a good game. For about 15 euros more you can get Super Mario Bros. Wonder, for example.


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