These PlayStation 5 games were most looking forward to in

These PlayStation 5 games we’re most looking forward to in 2024

Next year promises to be good for the PlayStation 5. Several top games already have release dates, for others we still have to wait and see. Regardless, we are looking forward to these PlayStation 5 games in 2024.

Last year was a banner year for gamers with a Playstation 5. It was a good year at all for gamers. Great games such as Baldur’s Gate 3, Alan Wake 2, Hogwarts Legacy and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 have become impossible to imagine away from that trusty white box.

That gives good hope for next year. We already know the release date of a number of titles, which means we can already look forward to these games. These are the PlayStation 5 games we are most looking forward to in 2024.

Skull and Bones

Release date: February 16

‘It’s okay for once,’ you might say when talking about Skull and Bones. This pirate game has been delayed quite a few times. For now, the game is on track for Feb. 16.

We really can’t wait anymore. And not just because the game has been delayed so many times. After all, it’s been a very long time since we’ve had a good pirate game. With a game delayed so often, we hope the developers actually made work of all that extra time. Until February, it will be all hands on deck at Ubisoft. Either way, we look forward to the day when we can finally play Skull and Bones.

Ubisoft postpones Skull and Bones (for the millionth time) (Image: Ubisoft)

Tekken 8

Release date: Jan. 26

Fortunately, for the release of the latest Tekken, all you have to do is get through the somewhat dreary January month. Even if you don’t keep up your sporting good intentions, Tekken 8 offers you plenty of exercise so near the end of the month.

With a whopping 32 playable characters and a focus on aggressive gameplay, the eighth installment in the Tekken saga promises to be a winner. Incidentally, this fighting game also offers another interesting storyline surrounding the Mishima family. One that should end with a bang in this eighth volume. But storyline or not, Tekken 8 promises to be a lot of brawling fun on the PlayStation 5.

These PlayStation 5 games we're most looking forward to in 2024 (Image: Bandai Namco)

Rise Of The Ronin

Release date: March 22

Those who had a lot of fun with games like Ghost of Tsushima, Ninja Gaiden or Nioh can dust off their ninja stars for next March. Rise Of The Ronin promises to be a masterful combination of the previous mentioned ninja games.

It now appears that the game will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Rise Of The Ronin lets players explore a 19th century Japan AND have an impact on it. Choices players make reflect the world. The real focus, of course, is on cool ninja skills such as stealth and katana. It will be a challenge: Team Ninja, the creator of the game, is not known for easy games.

These PlayStation 5 games we're most looking forward to in 2024 (Image: Sony)

Star Wars Outlaws on PlayStation 5

With Massive Entertainment at the helm of this Star Wars game, it looks like this will be a mega release. If Star Wars Outlaws looks anything like Massive Entertainment’s previous game, namely: Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, then at least an expansive and immersive world awaits us.

The first full open-world game in the Star Wars universe is definitely a title we are very much looking forward to. As it stands, players are free to let protagonist Kay Vess steal, fight, fly and explore as they please. And if it’s up to us, Kay Vess’ adorable companion, Nix, has potential to become the baby Yoda of Star Wars games.

These PlayStation 5 games we're most looking forward to in 2024 (Image: Massive Entertainment)

Light No Fire

No Man’s Sky, but with dragons and magic? You read it right. Light No Fire, from the makers of No Man’s Sky, takes a completely different direction in terms of world than its galactic predecessor. That doesn’t mean you, the player, have less freedom of play on your PlayStation 5.

According to creators Hello Games, Light No Fire’s world is comparable to the size of our own globe. And in that earth-like world, you rely on survival and building elements. There is plenty to do, but of course the icing on the cake is that you can soar through the sky on the back of a dragon. The release date is sometime in the winter of 2024

These PlayStation 5 games we're most looking forward to in 2024 (Image: Hello Games)

Cities Skylines 2 on PlayStation 5

Cities Skylines 2 is already out on PC and is coming to the PlayStation 5 in 2024. In it you will find better tools to build roads, better AI for such things as traffic, even bigger maps and a cinematic camera.

What’s more, in Cities Skylines 2 you’ll be able to keep track of the inhabitants of your city. And the developers mean really closely: each inhabitant can be followed from birth to death. Unfortunately, the release date is still pending.

These PlayStation 5 games we are most looking forward to in 2024 (Image: Paradox Interactive)

Whether the games already have an announced release date or not, next year promises to bring a lot of good things to the PlayStation 5.

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