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This is all coming to your Android and iPhone in 2024

Your smartphone is one of your best friends and that probably won’t change next year. But we can expect a lot of new features and updates from Android and iPhone. We make some predictions in advance.

2023 was a pretty solid year as far as the smartphone industry is concerned. Smartphones like the iPhone 15 managed to amaze Apple fans. But Android also had a good year with models like the Samsung Galaxy S23 and OnePlus 11.

We can’t wait for all that 2024 has to offer us. Therefore, we are already looking ahead to what you can expect next year on new smartphones.

This will be the 2024 of Android and iPhone

Whether you’re on team Android or team iPhone. This coming year promises a lot of good things for the smartphone industry. Here you can read all our predictions for the new year.

#1 AI, AI and more AI!

2023 was the year of Artificial Intelligence. So it is no wonder that we expect many new flagship Android and iPhone models to have improved AI hardware.

Google Pixel Watch 2 (Image: Mark Hofman/WANT)

In 2024, new smartphones will have a lot of great features thanks to artificial intelligence. For example, they can turn text into pictures, add backgrounds to portraits and edit your photos even better with Magic Editor.

Samsung even says their new models can translate in real time during phone calls thanks to AI. And Google has a feature that lets you zoom in on photos.

#2 Better performance due to new chipsets on Android and iPhone devices

The all-new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Dimensity 9300 chips are expected to power many Android and iPhone models next year. And both chips are raising the bar in terms of horsepower.

The new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 has a better arrangement of computing power in the phone. There is one large core, five medium cores and two small cores. This allows the phone to work faster on various tasks. The Dimensity 9300, on the other hand, has four large cores and four medium cores, which also makes it perform well in demanding tasks.

iPhone 15 Pro camera (Image: Jeroen Kraak/WANT)

This means a lot of good things for your smartphone, but whether it will make your wallet happy remains to be seen. The new chipsets are expected to be a lot more expensive and that will affect the price of new smartphones.

#3 More smartphones with a periscope camera

A periscope camera is a special kind of camera used in smartphones. It works in a similar way to a periscope in a submarine.

Instead of placing the camera directly on top of the phone, the lens is placed horizontally and light is reflected to the lens through mirrors. This provides better zooming capability without making the smartphone thicker.

We saw in 2023 several phones with periscope cameras with good low-light image quality. Therefore, we predict that this trend will continue in new Android and iPhone devices next year.

Periscope camera of OnePlus 12The OnePlus 12 will also get a periscope camera. (Image: OnePlus)

#4 More (and cheaper) foldable smartphones

2023 is the first year that Samsung had serious competition for the best foldable smartphone. HONOR, OnePlus, Google, Motorola and even TECNO all offered foldable devices.

It seems only natural that this will continue in 2024 and that more brands will offer foldables. Who knows, we may see a foldable iPhone for the first time in addition to Android.

Galaxy Z Fold 3Flex Mode in action (Image: Samsung)

#5 The mid-range segment gets even better

We’ve had a great year when it comes to mid-range smartphones. Think of devices like the Samsung Galaxy A54 and Google Pixel 7a that brought some flagship features to a more affordable price point. The Google phone even brought wireless charging to the mid-range segment.

This trend does not appear to be slowing down next year. For example, it seems that more and more mid-range phones are now getting zoom cameras. That means you can zoom in better on your photos. In addition, the high-end camera sensors that are normally only found in expensive phones are now also being used in cheaper phones.

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