These well known games have exclusive content on the Nintendo Switch.webp

These well-known games have exclusive content on the Nintendo Switch

Don’t know what to play on the Nintendo Switch? Then check out these well-known games that offer exclusive content on the Switch.

Next month, the Nintendo Switch may blow out a whopping seven candles. The past few years have shown that Nintendo still knows how to make attractive console with a fantastic catalog of games. Especially since its predecessor, the Wii U, was a (minor) disaster.

The Nintendo Switch has been and continues to be wildly popular. It is also an attractive console for game makers. In recent years, we have seen many games released on the Switch in addition to PlayStation 5 and Xbox. That in itself is not very special, but in some cases those games have exclusive content that only Switch gamers get to see.

These games have exclusive content on the Nintendo Switch

Besides the fact that all these versions on the Switch make it possible to play anywhere in the world thanks to handheld mode, some developers have added extras. From cosmetics to completely new levels. Here are some of them.

Diablo 3 | local multiplayer and The Legend of Zelda outfits

Diablo 3 already had a lot of content when it came out. Blizzard’s Diablo series has always been popular to play with friends. In fact, it was one of the most popular games to host an old-school LAN party. Fortunately, the game brought local co-op with it to the console versions. On the Nintendo Switch, there are even a few exclusive outfits to unlock.

These outfits are in the theme of The Legend of Zelda. For example, you can work your way through a mass of enemies while looking like the King of Mischief himself: Ganon.

These well-known games have exclusive content on the Nintendo Switch (image: Blizzard)

ARK: Survival Evolved | Young Explorers Mode on the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo regularly targets them to a younger audience with their games. Yet with these games, for example, that need not be the case. Even ARK: Survival Evolved is not exactly a kid’s game. Still, ARK’s developers have added a fun new mode especially for the younger dinosaur fanatic.

The Young Explorers mode allows players to explore the world of ARK in an educational way. Players get history lessons and additional information about the dinosaurs they encounter. There is also a significantly reduced chance of losing your head to hungry monsters.

These well-known games have exclusive content on the Nintendo Switch (image: Nintendo)

Rocket League | 3 Nintendo-like cars

Cars and soccer. It appears to be a golden combination, judging by Rocket League’s success. The game has been brought to other consoles several times, such as the PlayStation 5. The game has also been playable on the Nintendo Switch for a few years now. And there, players can make use of no less than 3 exclusive cars.

The first two are obvious: a Mario and a Luigi car. To get these two cars you don’t have to do anything special. You get them by default with Rocket League. The Mario car can only be used on the orange team and Luigi is only available for team blue. The third car is available for both teams: Samus’ Gunship from the Metroid games.

These well-known games have exclusive content on the Nintendo Switch (image: Nintendo)

Rayman Legends | additional game mode and exclusive characters

Rayman Legends is arguably the best Rayman game of all time. IGN even gives the game 9.5 out of 10 stars. Not surprising, as the game excels in its original levels, cool soundtrack and great characters.

And those who haven’t had enough of the already wacky cast of Rayman characters have even more to discover on the Nintendo Switch. There are, of course, characters inspired by Mario and Luigi. Furthermore, a separate game mode has been added: Kung Foot Tournament. This is a special soccer-like mode that you can play with your friends.

These well-known games have exclusive content (image: Nintendo)

Skyrim | Legend of Zelda items on the Nintendo Switch

Has Skyrim been released incredibly often? Sure. Does the game remain as addictive with each new release? Double sure. This fifth installment in The Elder Scrolls series has been re-released no less than nine (!) times. Thus, every console has already received a basic and special edition.

The special edition of Skyrim can also be played on the Nintendo Switch. Extra fun for those who still have a few Legend of Zeldaamiibos lying around. If you scan one, you’ll receive exclusive in-game items. For example, not only Link’s tunic is obtainable, but also his legendary shield.

These well-known games have exclusive content on the Nintendo Switch (image: Bethesda / Nintendo)

Lego City Undercover | Mario x Lego City

Lego games have had success with younger players as well as the older guard. Lego City Undercover has been positively received since its release in 2013. Some players even call it an excellent Grand Theft Auto alternative for children.

The game has been released once before on a Nintendo console, namely on the Wii U. The Switch has also received another version. And in that version, you can encounter a lot of Mario things in the world. From Piranha Plants to ?-blocks and even Mario’s cap. It’s a simple but fun addition to an already entertaining game.

These well-known games have exclusive content on the Nintendo Switch (image: Nintendo / IGN)

Some games, even now, are almost inseparable from the Nintendo Switch. Even if they haven’t always been. For example, you can expect an exclusive Bayonetta release when the Nintendo Switch 2 comes out:

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