1708266119 10 iPhone features I genuinely didnt know

10 iPhone features I genuinely didn’t know existed

Anyone who has an iPhone logically naturally wants to get the most out of it, only there are so many features that WANT editor Sam is still learning new things daily.

The iPhone is probably one of your best friends. Not surprising, then, that you want to know more about your favorite device. After all, many hugely useful features remain under the radar.

The convenient thing about the iPhone is that many apps and features can also be used offline. That way, you don’t stress if you don’t have a good Internet connection.

10 handy iPhone features you probably don’t know yet

So the fact that I’ve never heard of the features below is not entirely incomprehensible. In my own opinion…

#1 Find your way back with an iPhone

The Compass app on your iPhone works whether you have coverage or not, and can help you if you’re lost. But if you’re in really high need, offline maps on your iPhone are more useful.

In Apple Maps, tap the dial to highlight a bearing so you know how far away you are from the direction you are traveling. The screen also shows the current altitude and your GPS coordinates. This will hopefully help you find your way back quickly.

How Apple maps are becoming a threat to Google MapsNice and relaxed getting to your destination. (Image: Unsplash)

#2 Creating 3D models

Perhaps one of the most impressive iPhone features is the ability to create 3D scans simply by moving your device through a room.

You can do this with a standard iPhone by converting 2D images into 3D models, with the help of an app like Polycam.

#3 Let your iPhone speak for you

Live speech is a bizarre feature that allows your iPhone to speak on your behalf. Your smartphone imitates your voice and thus can literally put your words into your mouth.

First, you need to enable the feature under Settings > Accessibility > Live speech. Here you can speak a few sentences. Then go to Settings > Accessibility > Shortcut and add Live speech to your list of shortcuts. This will allow you to quickly activate Live Speech by pressing the side button three times.

#4 Limit your screen time

Social media undoubtedly occupies a large part of your life. Minimizing it surely can’t hurt. Using Screen Time on your iPhone, you can limit how much time you spend on social media.

Go to Settings > Screen Time > Appl Limits to enable appl limits and determine how much time you want to spend on these apps per day.

#5 Measure distances with the camera

Your iPhone comes with an app called Measuring that, as the name suggests, allows you to measure distances between two points. If you uninstalled the app, you can re-download it for free from the App Store.

The app works with augmented reality (AR), allowing you to select points you want measured. The app is reasonably accurate, but sometimes makes a mistake.

#6 Make sure everything is level with help from your iPhone

The Measuring app has even more up its sleeve. Namely, you can also use the app as a digital level. Open the Measuring app and tap the Level tab. Then place your iPhone on a surface to measure the angle. At 0º, the black level indicator turns green.

#7 Play background sounds while sleeping

There are plenty of apps in the App Store that offer soothing sleep sounds. But did you know that your iPhone comes with this feature by default?

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Background Sounds to enable the feature. There are six sounds to choose from, including three variations of noise, the ocean, rain and running water.

#8 Let your iPhone recognize sounds.

Your iPhone can be trained to recognize sounds such as a doorbell or smoke alarm. Although the feature is designed for the hearing impaired, it can be useful for other people as well.

As soon as your device hears such a sound, it will send a notification to alert you. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Sound Recognition to enable the feature.


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#9 Making Stickers

With an iPhone, you can now create stickers for on WhatsApp in a flash. Open a photo, tap a subject and hold it down until your smartphone highlights it.

Then you can choose to copy the subject, create an iMessage sticker using the “Add Sticker” option or share it with another app.

#10 Talking in another language

There are many apps you can download from the App Store to translate speech and text, but Apple has one on your iPhone that even works offline.

Launch the Translation app to get started. Select the appropriate language and type in the text you want translated, or use the microphone to speak the conversation aloud.

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