What the cast says will be really special about the

What the cast says will be really special about the new Fallout series on Prime Video

The new trailer for the Amazon Prime Video series Fallout is out. Here’s what to expect, including a preview from the cast themselves.

Fallout, based on the video games of the same name is on its way to Amazon Prime Video. The series will be released in just over a month, on April 11. But fortunately, we don’t have to wait any longer for content, as a brand new trailer is currently out.

The trailer paints a nice picture of what we are going to expect with the series in a post-apocalyptic world. We also got answers from the actors, directors and video game creator. We get an even better idea of Fallout. And by the sounds of it, the series is certainly going to be special.

Fallout on Amazon Prime Video

Fallout on Amazon Prime video is, as previously told, based on the video game series of the same title. The games are set in a future world, flattened by a nuclear war. But the future in which the games, and therefore the series, is set looks like how people from the 1940s to 1960s envisioned it.

In this world, after World War II, nuclear energy has developed tremendously. Cars and robots everywhere are powered by it. But aside from these modern or futuristic gadgets, the world largely looks like the 1950s. Until, that is, the world is beset by nuclear chaos.

In the Amazon Prime Video series, it is 2077 and all the global superpowers are firing their entire nuclear arsenal into the air. When the alarms sound for the impending nuclear doom, the rich people are given access to special bunkers: vaults. Of these, 122 are scattered across the earth. Almost all life on Earth is dead, wiped out by explosions and radiation.

Still, there are some survivors. The rich people in Fallout are in the vaults and some people have even managed to survive above ground, though they are exposed to thunderous radiation. But even the people in the vaults, meanwhile, need to get out sometime, because supplies are running low. But they return to a world they don’t recognize.

Actors, directors and creators

Even though the Amazon Prime Video series is based on the games, it will not be a copy of a Fallout game. Creator of the series, Graham Wagner, says the series will be set in the Fallout world, but with an entirely original story and characters. A big fan of the Fallout games, Wagner is building on the games’ 25-year creativity.

Lead actress Ella Purnell has revealed that she is very excited about Fallout. She sees her character, Lucy, as a kind of newborn baby. Lucy is a vault-dweller, someone born in the vaults. When she first has to go to the outside world, she doesn’t really know anything about real life. So surviving in such a dangerous place will certainly be a challenge.


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Filming a video game series, especially a giant like Fallout, does not come without its dangers. Fallout has a hardcore fan base with strong opinions, but director of the Prime Video series Jonathan Nolan says not to worry about it. He is confident in his own feelings as a Fallout fan. Nolan: “I’m not trying to make all fans happy, that’s a fool’s errand. Above all, I want to be satisfied with my own work myself.”

Fallout’s latest trailer is out now, so be sure to check it out. Now it’s just another month until the series comes out. All episodes are coming out at the same time on Prime Video, so that will be binging nicely on April 11.

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