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Why you don’t want to buy a new Xbox Series S in October

Those looking to buy an Xbox Series S had better wait until the end of the month. Microsoft is announcing a new bundle that is more than worth it.

Currently, the Xbox Series S is on sale for a suggested retail price of $299.99. That price isn’t going to change, but with the introduction of the Starter Bundle, you’ll get just a little bit more starting Oct. 31.

Xbox Series S gets a Starter Bundle

The new bundle consists of a white Xbox Series S with 512 GB storage capacity. However, in addition to the white wireless controller, gamers also get instant access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: Microsoft’s successful service.

Game Pass Ultimate is free to use for the first three months thanks to the bundle, so you can get started right away with titles like Starfield and the brand new Forza Motorsport.

Why you don't want to buy an Xbox Series S before the end of the month (Image: Microsoft)

In addition, the subscription allows you to play games online with friends and gives you access to some nice benefits. Think discounts or special items you can use in-game.

Of course, you also get access to EA Play’s offerings. This allows you to play games from franchises such as Madden, Battlefield and Star Wars.

PlayStation 5 also gets a new addition

In addition to Microsoft, Sony also made an announcement this week. The Japanese company introduced the revamped PlayStation 5.

Not much is going to change. The console will be about 30% smaller and will lose 24% in weight. In addition, the standard storage capacity will be increased to 1TB.


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However, those who want to take advantage of the updated console will need a little more patience. Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 slim will go on sale starting in November.

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for an Xbox Series S or a PlayStation 5 this fall: on the gaming front, the fall looks good for enthusiasts looking for a new console.

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