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With PlayStation Wrap-Up 2023, Sony is giving gamers their own Spotify Wrapped

With Spotify Wrapped 2023 behind us, it’s now Sony’s turn to tell the world how they’ve behaved digitally over the past year. This is PlayStation Wrap-Up 2023.

Yup, Sony is going after Spotify, and honesty dictates that I’m pretty comfortable with that. With Wrap-Up 2023, gamers get to see in detail what you’ve been up to on your favorite console.

Whether this is good for your self-image, by the way, is another matter. 89 hours in Hogwarts Legacy, yes? 😅

This is PlayStation Wrap-Up 2023

Those curious about what all they’ve done with their PlayStation this year can enjoy Wrap-Up 2023 from today through Jan. 12, 2024. This handy overview, so incredibly reminiscent of Spotify Wrapped, tells you everything you want to know.

This is how I personally find out that Forspoken was my first game in 2023 (didn’t know) and that I have now put 89 hours into Hogwarts Legacy. According to Sony, I am a Reckless (someone who was on the edge of their seat 77% of the time) and I see by month which games I have played the most.

With PlayStation Wrap-Up 2023, Sony gives gamers their own Spotify Wrapped (Image: Sony)

Then again, it’s funny to see Sony taking its chance with PlayStation Wrap-Up 2023 to push a more expensive Plus subscription. Based on the past year, the review will offer me games I can play with that subscription. And yes, they certainly come close to my tastes.

To check your own Wrap-Up 2023, go to this Sony website and log in with your PlayStation account. Then you’ll get all the details and you can easily share them with your friends as well.


This is how much PlayStation Plus will cost you in the Netherlands

Essential | Online Multiplayer / Monthly games / Exclusive discounts | 8.99 euros per month
Additional | Essential + Game Catalog / Ubisoft+ Classics | 13.99 euros per month
Premium | Extra + Trial Versions of Games / Cloud Streaming | 16.99 euros per month

Spotify Wrapped 2023 more extensive than ever

Some people declare me crazy, but in my opinion, gaming and music go together perfectly. So it’s not surprising that I’ve been quite tempted by Spotify Wrapped again this year.

This year’s list was more extensive than ever and, in addition, more surprising to me than ever. If you want to know exactly what was there and what your own overview looks like, the article below is definitely for you:

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