The PlayStation 5 game banned by Xbox and Nintendo

The PlayStation 5 game banned by Xbox and Nintendo

The PlayStation 5 will soon get a new game that seems to be secretly slightly horrifying. Sony itself has no problems with it, but Microsoft (Xbox) and Nintendo think very differently.

After our introduction to this extremely difficult Super Mario level and the free games on Netflix, today it’s time to get acquainted with Christmas Massacre. And yes, that name says enough about this game.


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The game that’s too horrible for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series S/X

Christmas is the time of coziness with friends and family, but for game studio Puppet Combo, that’s really a different story. Christmas Massacre, which was thus not allowed to appear on the Xbox Series S/X and the Nintendo Switch, comes armed with regular showers of blood to your PlayStation 5.

Christmas Massacre is a game inspired by games from the 1980s. You can immediately see that in the graphics, which, unlike the blood, do not look splattered. In this PlayStation 5 game, you have to sneak and kill without anyone noticing. If you succeed, you move on to the next level.

You may be wondering what makes this game so different from other gory games that are available on the Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch. However, this game goes a step further.

In one of the levels an entire class is massacred and in another a supermarket is attacked, which is sensitive in the United States. Consequently, Microsoft and Nintendo have chosen not to sell the game in their online stores for the Xbox Series S/X and Nintendo Switch.

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Available on PlayStation 5 though

This is somewhat notable, as previous parts of the game were just available on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox Series S/X. The last installment was Non Massacre, in which players had to hide from a murderous nun.

If you still want to play the game, you will have to do so on a PlayStation 5 or a PC. Indeed, Christmas Massacre is also available for download through Steam.

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