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How a hidden setting removes apps from your iPhone

Although you’ve probably been using an iPhone for years, the smartphone may still surprise you. Namely, there is a notable setting that is still unknown to many iOS users. The feature self-deletes apps from your phone.

In addition to a number of ways to make your iPhone’s battery last longer, Apple has also found a way to reduce the storage capacity used. The feature in question is called Clear apps, and it’s actually quite handy.


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Bizarre feature on your iPhone deletes apps

Clear apps is probably easy to overlook when scrolling through your iPhone’s settings. After all, the feature is deeply hidden. With this feature enabled, if there is a shortage of storage space, your smartphone will start looking for apps you don’t use much. It automatically deletes those to free up extra storage space.

At times when you’re desperate for extra storage, Ruim apps op can be handy. But it’s also understandable if you find it annoying that apps disappear from your iPhone without a pardon. Fortunately, your data and documents are preserved. So you can just reinstall and use the app again. You may have to log in again and adjust some settings. After that, everything will work as normal again.

Simple change significantly extends iPhone 15 Pro battery life (Image: Amanz)

Here’s how to get back deleted apps

In settings, you can easily see which apps have been deleted. You can then reset them. First, go to your iPhone’s settings. Choose “General” and press “Storage. Scroll down and look for apps with an iCloud icon. Tap the icon to reinstall the app.

Would you rather get more storage on your iPhone via another way? Then try deleting some old photos and videos. This does require that you have a good backup on iCloud or another cloud service. Media files can take up huge amounts of file space on smartphone.

Here’s how to turn off the feature on your iPhone

If you’re not a fan of the feature, fortunately you can turn it off within a few clicks. To do this, go to settings and choose “App Store. Scroll down until you see feature and turn the switch off.

Smaller storage is not only good for your smartphone’s performance, but also for battery quality. There are a few other things you can do to keep your device’s battery healthy. We explain a few of them for you in this article:

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