1699619925 Hidden code hints at ChatGPT like tool for Google Maps

Hidden code hints at ChatGPT-like tool for Google Maps

Hidden code within Google Maps seems to hint at the introduction of a ChatGPT-like tool. Anyone interested in a smart chatbot for their navigation app?

After we were finally introduced to the Human AI Pin today, it is now Google Maps’ turn to surprise us. In hidden code is a reference to an AI-powered chatbot. But is there anything meaningful to say about it at this point?

Google Maps hints at ChatGPT-like tool

In the latest beta version of Google Maps for Android, Android Authority’s editors manage to catch hidden code. In it, there are several references to in-app conversations with a chatbot, somewhat like what we are used to from ChatGPT.

The problem, however, is that there’s not a whole lot to glean from this code. But given Google’s focus on ChatGPT-like tools for its products, in this case called Bard, we can do the simple math.


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When exactly we can expect the functionality, what form it will take, what its purpose will be and how it will interact with Google Maps’ other features, of course, we don’t know yet.

All we can guess is that if it’s already so clearly incorporated into the app, we’ll be able to discover more of it soon, whether it’s official or not.

Little information, but speculation is always possible

Of course, in the absence of information, we can only speculate about what this ChatGPT-like tool for Google Maps might mean. It may have to do with writing reviews (given the reference to the phrase “thanks for your cooperation” in the code).

For example, the ChatGPT-like tool might ask you, after you’ve been to a place, what your experience at that place was. Or it might actually tell you in advance how best to get there.

Set emojis on Google Maps on AndroidA better overview of your favorite spots. (Image: Sabine Schults)

There are some features that Bard, the ChatGPT alternative, already gives you in Google Maps right now. But the chances of the navigation app leaning on it even more seem high to us.

Time will tell.

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