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What Samsung and Apple may learn from this unique Android smartphone

Samsung and Apple have delightful smartphones with the iPhone and Galaxy S line. Still, both brands could learn a thing or two from a brand new brand new Android phone.

When it comes to smartphones, Apple and Samsung are lords and masters. Not surprisingly, as both devices carry an arsenal of enjoyable features. Yet a new Android smartphone shows that there is a point where both companies really have something to learn.


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An Android phone that Apple and Samsung can learn from

Smartphones are your gateway to the world. Not only a great advantage, but unfortunately also a disadvantage. It is possible to take in as much information as possible, but at the same time you are playing with your privacy. Although Apple already takes many measures in that area with the iPhone, for example, it can do even better, according to Murena, which is developing a special Android phone.

Murena has therefore launched a special crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. And that there is a need for an Android smartphone that protects your privacy is evidenced by the money the creators have already managed to drag in. The counter now stands at 206,666 euros.

The Murena 2, as this Android phone is called, has a price tag of 499 euros. Nice that price, but of course you want to know how this phone protects your privacy more than an iPhone from Apple or a Galaxy from Samsung.

Privacy features the iPhone and Samung Galaxy don’t have

What is immediately noticeable is that this Android smartphone has two special sliders. These are not like an Apple iPhone to turn off the sound. In fact, they all have to do with privacy.

You can use the first slider on this Android device to turn off the power around the microphone and camera. So because they don’t get electricity, they don’t work. So an app can never watch your camera or listen in through the microphone. The second one turns off all connections. So that’s a kind of airplane mode, which also prevents hackers from connecting.

But you only see these two sliders on the outside. The necessary measures have also been taken on the inside. For example, the operating software is also set up to protect your privacy as much as possible. For example, unlike a Samsung, it hides your IP address and ensures that apps cannot track you. In addition, the phone is connected to the Murena Cloud, where you store photos and other files securely.

What else does the Murena 2 have to offer?

In addition to all those privacy features, which Apple and Samsung do not have) the regular features should also work fine on this Android phone. For example, on the inside is the MediaTek Helio P70 processor. The phone also has 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage. On the front is a 6.43-inch OLED screen. On the back are 3 cameras where the main camera can take 64 MP photos.

If you want the Android phone you will have to wait until mid-December. However, you can already order it through the Kickstarter campaign. If you do, you’ll at least score a discount.

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