Mistakes that almost all electric car drivers make from time

Mistakes that (almost) all electric car drivers make from time to time

As with any form of new technology, there are still some uncertainties with electric cars. They cause new EV owners to overlook important issues.

After more than a hundred years, the electric car is finally popular. As demand grows, so does the number of new EV owners. It is not surprising that these drivers make mistakes with their new vehicle. But it is important to fix them.


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Avoid these common mistakes with your electric car

Driving electric is great, but it can be even better if you correct a few mistakes. Whether you just bought your first EV, or have been driving an electric motor for years. We list the most important ones for you.

#1 Poor route planning

Many novice electric drivers have a healthy dose of charging station stress. They worry that their electric car will not have enough range to reach its destination. Although EVs are getting an increasing range, the charging structure in our country is not yet what it should be. It will be some time before that fear is completely unnecessary.

A common mistake EV owners make, however, is that they don’t plan their route properly for the trip. For example, if you take a longer route, you have to take into account that your electric car will use more energy, so you may have to charge extra once.

Therefore, plot a route that is not too long. And check if you have enough opportunities to recharge along the way.

Mercedes electric carBeautiful roads (Image: Mercedes)

#2 Ignoring regenerative braking

One of the unique features of (most) electric cars is regenerative braking. The feature causes your EV to capture energy during braking, which it uses to recharge the battery.

It’s a kind of recycling of energy. Many drivers overlook this feature and miss the opportunity for increased range. It’s a different way of braking that takes some getting used to.

#3 Overcharging your electric car’s battery

Your electric car’s battery needs to be recharged once in a while. You can’t escape it. If you are charging your EV, you run the risk of overcharging. This means the car is on the charger for too long, or too often.

This can harm the battery and shorten its life in the long run. Therefore, make sure you charge your electric car only when necessary and stay between twenty and eighty percent.

Electric car rangeCharging. (Image: Skoda)

#4 Poor maintenance

Just like gasoline cars, electric cars need regular maintenance to maintain good performance. Some EV owners are just a little too lax about this and don’t have their vehicle checked enough.

This is not only harmful to your vehicle, but also very dangerous. We recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

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